GHOSTs: Last Night I Met a Ghost In Limbo

GHOSTs:  Last Night I Met a Ghost In Limbo

Last night I was traveling home from a fun evening dancing.  As I was driving I ended a call with friend on my phone.  Little did I know I was about to experience a ghost communication.

I turned on the radio and happened to glance down at my phone.  Another call seemed to have been opened up, but I had not done that.

I thought what the heck is this.  I had my headset on so said, “Hello.”

A woman answered.  She said she and her son needed a session with me right then.

It was 9:30pm.  I was driving at 80mph on the highway.  It was Sunday.  Hmmmn.

She did not wait for my answer.  She was not asking for a session.  She was starting it without my agreement.

She told me her son’s father had died this past Wednesday just as he began his visit with him here in Florida.  She was with her son now.

They were desperate for answers.  The father in spirit had kept communicating with the son, like a ghost!

I did not even consider NOT trying to connect with the father in spirit.  I felt compelled.   The father seemed to be haunting the son.

I wondered if I would be able to make a ghost communication with the father while driving a car, but the father came right in.  I did not have to pull over.  It was like the father was seated right next to me in the car.

Nice.  I am driving on the highway at top speed with a ghost next to me.  Believe me if I had thought of it this way, I would not have done this.  But read on.  This is a good story.

We proceeded.  He gave four pieces of evidence quickly which allowed me to know I had him with us.

After the father provided evidence in these ways:

1.  Flowers in the kitchen (validated),
2.  strange noises in the house (validated),
3.  a feeling of not being able to breath and pain across his chest (validated, rib cage broken from mouth to mouth resuscitation) and
4.  finally the drug that took his life was not the only reason for his passing (validated), the father started to talk directly to his son through me telepathically.

The father said, “You have got to let me go.  Please let me go.  I can’t stay here.  You have got to let me go.”

I did not know why the father was saying this to his son.  I still didn’t know we had a ghost with us.  Duh!

To me it seemed like an odd thing to say, but suddenly the mother broke into my delivery with,

“Kyle (her son) does not want to go back to California with me.  He thinks he has to stay here to be with his father.  He feels he would be abandoning his father if he left now.”

Aha!  So the father was trying to tell the son he had to let him go to spirit or he would be a ghost here on earth, trapped between worlds.

The father continued to explain through me that he was in a place outside of the spirit world, he was in a limbo place and his son was preventing him from moving into the light, where he belonged because of unstated emotional ties and feelings.

So I knew then we had to provide Kyle a way to know his father would be safer and would be able to communicate with him better if he released him into the light.

The first thing the father did at this point was start to tell his son Kyle how much he loved him and was sorry for what happened.  The father was trying to place closure on a life of discord in 15 seconds through me.

Kyle agreed to go back to California as he began to understand his staying there was painful for his father.  He agreed to let his father go.

At this point I searched for the best symbol his son could use to connect with his father after he went into the spirit world.  After a bit of probing the father showed me keys on a key chain.

I asked the son if keys were meaningful to him in any way in connecting to his father.  He said, “Yes!”

His father always sang a song with the word “key” in it, and always used the word “key” in phrases he used with his son.

After we set this up, Kyle had a way to connect with his father and to feel his father still existed and was safe in the spirit world.


Spirit Guides can you provide any additional information about this limbo ghost state when a soul leaves its body but has not yet gone into the light?  This father seemed to be very uncomfortable in this ghost state.

The souls that have left their body usually need the light of the spirit world to repair and resolve their issues.  When they stay in the limbo ghost state they have no resources to heal and help them.

This is why they are quite often very troubled.  Every soul that is in the state between worlds is very unhappy.  It is difficult for them to breath air and see light.  They are trapped in a box so to speak and can feel panicked.

Kyle’s father felt panicked.  His son’s energy held him from leaving.  There was unfinished business and messages that needed to be stated to that the soul could release and relinquish ties to this dimension to travel to the next.

The father is now very relieved to be where he belongs.

The state between earth and heaven is not a comfortable one indeed.  It poses many challenges for those souls that choose to remain there.  The most salient being an unhealed state.

If you are held between heaven and earth you are going to feel like you cannot breath or be peaceful.  You will feel very agitated. 

This is why the father wanted to go so emphatically.  So he could find peace in the world of spirit.


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