SUICIDE. A Life After Death True Story. On Wednesday’s radio show (4/1/15), I provided a connection to Patti’s grandfather from spirit. Everything was very accurate, but when I was through, I felt something else remained to be said.

Patti started to cry. Her daughter was in spirit and she wanted to speak to her.

Of course, I tried to bring in her daughter. But her grandfather already established from spirit spoke instead. He said, “She is too upset and still recovering.”

I thought that was strange. After all, when is a soul in spirit so upset they do not want to speak? I thought they go through life review and after that they are calmer. But there was so much tension and resistance here, I was confused.

Finally the daughter began to speak, but the connection was very weak indeed. She said, “I suddenly got ill, they took me away, but it was too late.”

I asked her mother if she understood what this meant. She said, “Well sort of.” I thought at least I had gotten something verified, so I continued to pursue her daughter in spirit.

SUICIDE. A Life After Death True Story.
Then the connection got stronger. Her daughter started to explain how upset she had been on earth, how she was “ill.” I pushed forward.

Finally it began to be clear. This lovely daugter, as a teenager, had taken her own life. I began to feel I needed to end the connection, because something very sad, and outrageous was about to be revealed. I could just sense it.

The daughter started to go into her emotions and why she had done what she had done. It was just too much for live radio.

I felt so badly for Patti, the mother, but at least I had brought in something she could hang on to. Her daughter was “alive” and “well” in spirit. This had been validated and Patti was grateful.

SUICIDE. A Life After Death True Story.
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