MANIFESTING: How to Manifest Your Intention

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MANIFESTING Your INTENTION.  Last night I decided to MANIFEST my INTENTION.  It worked perfectly, just like magic.  Here is what I did.   I

(1)  Meditated so I was in flow (relaxed, non resistant state).
(2)  Created my intention.
(3)  Asked the universe what action to take.
(4)  Sent out to universe my focused intention.
(5)  Let go, so I was again in flow.    

Story.  I wanted to go out last night to a social venue to meet a potential mate.  Was not sure which to go to.  Hard to read for myself so placed the names of each venue on separate pieces of paper into a bag,   Mixed them up.  Drew the decision.  

Went there.  

Upon arrival it was a discouraging scene.  Rather than get negative, I simply sat on the sidelines, focused my mind on my intention, sent it out into the room, like a strong beam of light.  Then I relaxed and let it go.

By the end of the time I was there I had met a potential mate of exactly the parameters I had asked!  It was quite magical, even for me!

MANIFESTING your INTENTION works!   The Soul Purpose MAGIC coaching program teaches how to do this.  

Much love and have a great day!


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