SUMMARY:  This is a channeled healing meditation to help you manifest money.

DIRECTIONS:  As with all meditations please be properly hydrated, in loose, comfortable clothing, a private location for duration of the meditation.  Since these are healing meditations you might need to rest and drink more fluids after the days that you use it as your frequency calibrates to higher vibration.


When a person on earth realizes that what they have to offer in exchange for sustenance is worth more than they have gotten, they have a magical formula indeed.

Wealth does not come from wanting.  It comes from doing.  Doing what you love and then asking for what you feel it is worth.

Worth is something you determine according to karmic associations and setups.  Some of you have come to earth to heal and help others.

Each person on earth has work they have come to do in exchange for wealth.

It is all about the karmic setup up and then what they CHOOSE to do about it.

If you have come into earth to experiencee a lack of money or sustenance you need to learn the karmic law of love.

Love what you are doing.

Do it for the love of it.

Ask for love (fair payment) for doing it.

Over time the value of what you are doing will find you and you will be rewarded with wealth.

The karmic law of wealth includes exchange as it is designed to help you and you to help others.

You get what you give is a simple way to say it.  Therefore, you must learn what it is you love to do and then do it for the love of it.

We guarantee that if you are doing what you love and really doing it from love, the money will find you.  Money is attracted to love and love is attracted to money.

Think then, what is it that you love so much you would do it for the love of it?

Find different things to do each day that are filled with love for you.  Do not limit how and where you will do what you love, expand it into your day to day life.

Do not drudge through the day without love then do what you love after work.  Work should be love.

So if you are finding it difficult to find what you love to do then keep experimenting and as well place love into what you already do for money.

Money will come when you associate love with what you are doing on a daily basis.

It is not work or love.  It is love for work and then money will follow.

Do what you love and the money will follow.

You will notice the more you believe in this, the more it will believe in you and the more money will flow from it.

There are other universal truths to money which need to be recorded here.

The next concept is, “love of money” will not provide for you.  It is not the money to love.  It is the work for money to love.  You need to transmute work to love and money will love to you.

So the first lesson or exercise in the long stream of exercises to come from this is love what you do for money.  Very simple.  Very succinct and very helpful.

Here is an exercise to help you set up your love of work.

1.  Get into a comfortable clothes and location.  Be comfortable.

2.  Sit or lie down.

3.  Take a few deep breaths from abdominal area.

4.  Now say to yourself.  “What do I love to do?” Sit with this for a moment or two.  Think deeply about it.  Slumber on it for a while.

Now in a moment decide one thing you love to do from these ideas.  Tomorrow turn it into an activity you do as a service for others.

For example, if you love to meet new people and network.  Set up your own networking group in the area of work you do.  Do this as a service for yourself as well as others.

5.  Tomorrow you begin to add what you love to do into your day to day activities and attempt to make it as a professional commercial exercise, no matter how silly or remote it seems.

You will find that from this day forward your life will get more and more prosperous until finally you will be finding your love turns into wealth and you had nothing to do for it except what you love.





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