MEDIUMSHIP: 6 Validations

I just received this wonderful letter (with permission to reprint) from a grateful mediumship client, Nineveh Cannavino.  Makes me feel there is some meaning behind the work I do, a needed encouragement in this harsh dimension where at times I feel tired, overwhelmed and a bit lost.  (Yes, I do feel this way too. :)

“Dear Laura, I had the pleasure of having a ‘Channel Spirit’ medium session with you on Dec.10th,2015.  Quite honestly, I am going to start that I am a cynic and a skeptic by nature. Please forgive me. You did indeed channel the person my energy was focused on.

The validations were forthcoming throughout the reading. When I asked for a name, at first neither of us knew it come to the surface, then much to my amazement, he gave you his name! wow. That was the first validation among many to follow, which I’m going to list.

But first let me say, ‘God Bless You my dear for you yourself are a gift to be able to calm the hearts and minds of grieving people, if not, guiding directions to those in need.’

For most of the reading, I was silent. However, you were spot-on! When I asked about a family member to him and what I should do, you told me, the spirit of this individual said, “let the chips fall where they may”- you didn’t realize I had said that in prayer to this Spirit, and Spirit repeated through you.Validation 2.

Validation 3, the spirit showed you a ring and you asked me, “does a ring mean anything to you?” Yes of course, a broken wedding proposal/engagement.

Validation 4, Spirit said to you and you repeated it, “You have to grab the opportunity when it’s there..etc” Consequently, when this Spirit was living, this phrase was told to me from them many times, exact phrase.

Validation 5, a contentious argument personal and between us, you described it exactly as told with much detail. My heart skipped a beat and All my doubts fell to the wayside. Both you and the channelled spirit had me in tears.

Validation 6, you discussed another conversation I had had with this Spirit when they were living, the discussion, the disagreement, the apology, is exactly as I remembered it and I knew…this person I loved greatly was speaking through you.

Laura, May your footsteps be blessed. You gave me such hope through this channeled spirit that I don’t know how else I can thank you but by writing this review -N.C.

Laura, You have my expressed permission to publish this and edit it for content or if you need to shorten it, okay?  Love, Nineveh (Nina)”

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