Did a mediumship demonstration for on 11/10/15.  There were two sitters (ones receiving the messages), Annette and Jan.

When I brought in a nephew and mother in law for Jan from the other side, I proceeded to tremble.  I could not control it.  Then my vocal box began to be taken over when I channeled her mother in law while the trembling continued.

Jan said her mother in law and nephew in law had benign tremors when on earth.  The real takeaway is how Jan’s mother in law was taking over my body as is done in Trance Mediumship.  I have been to full trance once before, but there needs to be someone present who would pull me out for safety if needed.

Last night Dennis Grega and Michelle Szabo leading this research were my safety spotters.

Here are my comments.

Here are comments to me from Dennis Grega, Ph.D., founder.

TESTIMONIAL:  Dennis Grega, Ph.D., Voices Across The Veil Mediumship, “Supurb, Magnificent and and “Marvelous” session!!!!  I sat enthralled watching and listening in the background. I loved seeing the smiles on both sitter’s faces. They will remember this forever as will I.  Thank you so very much! Especially for taking so much extra time. How about another superlative to end this message – Absolutely Amazing!!  Love & Light to you,  dennis”

MY TAKEAWAY:  My comments about this particular mediumship demonstration.  “Last night I did a research session for One of the souls in spirit tried to take over my body completely as she relayed her benign tremor condition on earth using my body and started to literally change my voice using my vocal box. I shook so much I could hardly work, yet I was NOT able to shake this off!  Takeaway. For trance to work there have to be “spotters,” those who are present at the session who can protect the medium and pull her out of trance. So last night Dennis Grega and Michelle Szabo were the spotters (even though they did not know they were). Who knows what will happen next time I work with them. Hmmmmmn.  When I do mediumship alone, this never happens.”


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