Psychic Fraud was a recent show produced by the Forever Family Foundation.  ( go to archives of their Signs of Life Radio show. It was this show: June 7, 2012: THE GATHERING: Fraudulent Medium Techniques and How To Protect Yourself.)

This organization tests to certify mediums, including Theresa Caputo.   They position themselves as an organization which helps separate the charlatans from the legitimate mediums. 

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This show on psychic fraud, oddly confused the issue of ethical mediumship further.  After listening to their show I thought all the mediums I know are guilty of psychic fraud, according to their definitions, including their own certified medium Theresa Caputo!

PSYCHIC FRAUD:  Obvious Observations

The host of the show made believe he was  a medium giving a reading.  The first thing he said to the sitter (person getting the reading) was, “I have a grandmother of yours here from spirit.” 

Of course the sitter had a grandmother in spirit, he pointed out, as everyone does.  He went on to bring up various obvious things any grandmother would have or be.  Wearing an apron – she liked to cook.  Someone in a military uniform – most grandfathers served in the military.  White hair – most elderly people have white hair, right?

Well, of course, those are obvious things.  But he failed to make crystal clear the following:  That could be the beginning of the reading, but then when the medium brings in specific information layered on that, we have an accurate, ethical medium!

PSYCHIC FRAUD:  Leading Questions

Another quality they spoke about on the radio show was how a psychic doing a cold reading at a large gathering (gallery), might open with, “Who lost the child?”

There could be several hundred people at this event.  Of course, there will be someone at the gathering that lost a child, so this is a leading question. 

Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium, does this all the time!  They certified her!  I am laughing out loud, but this is true!

The point here is, yes, a medium may start with a leading question.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN HE OR SHE IS FRAUDULENT.

PSYCHIC FRAUD:  Psychometry (Reading the Energy of an Object)

They had the nerve to suggest that psychometry was psychic fraud because it was a psychic reading, not a mediumship reading.  This is because a psychic is reading the energy of the object, not communicating with the consciousness of the deceased loved one.

Who says the consciousness of the deceased loved one is not coming through when you hold the object?  I believe if you call the soul in, you are probably getting at worse a mix of both energy and the loved one in spirit speaking to you.

PSYCHIC FRAUD:  Reading Energy Versus Communicating With Spirit

I have heard the definition of the difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship reading is reading energy versus communicating with the consciousness of the deceased loved one.  I have heard another definition too. 

The other definition is a reading about the sitter’s life versus evidence from the other side.  Let the record state, I believe mediumship is communicating with the consciousness of the loved one in spirit whether it is about the sitter’s life or validating evidence of the survival of consciousness of the deceased loved one in spirit. 

As a matter of fact, if the one in spirit can provide evidence about the sitter’s life, like new things that happened in it, then you have great validation of survival of your loved one’s consciousness.

PSYCHIC FRAUD:  Evidence Is What Matters

What matters is whether they then layer on specific details from the loved one in spirit.  If they do after their opening, then we have an ethical discernment.

I say this because so much in mediumship is misunderstood, misrepresented and confused, even by a foundation that is supposed to be for ethics, science and clarification in this field. 

Proceed with caution with ALL psychics and all those that claim to represent the truth.  Who really knows the truth anyway?  The more humans speak about this, the less truth seems to be revealed.


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  1. maybe SINCE THEY HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY they should legitamely put their gifts to work for a set period of time I understand everyone needs to make a living but prove yourself to the ones that cannot afford because we are probably the ones that need the help the most!! Let us see for ourselves!!

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