SOUL PURPOSE: Raise Your Vibration With Food

If you are wondering why it is important to raise your vibration in the first place, it is because at higher vibrations we are aligned with our soul purpose or our soul.

SOUL PURPOSE:  Creates Automatic Abundance

If you have been reading this blog you might understand that once aligned with your soul purpose, you will attract abundance automatically.    You won’t have to manifest any longer.  You will be in the divine state of flow.

Illustration of vibrations of a drum.
Illustration of vibrations of a drum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The way to align with your soul purpose is by raising your vibration.  One powerful way to raise it is with food.

SOUL PURPOSE:  When you are aligning you will feel good

I have naturally been eating in a way which has raised my vibration.  I did not know it, but I was instinctively drawn to eat fresh fruit and vegetables on a regular basis.  My body just naturally felt better if I did this.

As well, I was drawn to cut out the fried, dead, and dried out types of food.   Red meat and other forms of meat was just not on my pallet. 

When I was younger and lived in a colder climate I would feel almost dead after a time of not eating fresh fruits and vegetables.  My immune system would falter, I would feel weak and tired and I would inevitably get a cold or viral infection.

So, as I noticed this, I slowly began to eat in accordance with feeling good.  This led me to the diet I now eat.

The by-product has been amazing. 

1.  I am taken for late 30s to early 40s in age.  I am actually 59 years old!

2.  I am at my perfect weight.

3.  My psychic skills are excellent, as are my creativity levels. 

4.  I have a pretty good life.  I work from home, sleep in as long as I need (no alarm awakening me), have a flexible schedule, am my own boss, do work I love using my natural gifts and talents helping people, and get to socialize with loving and wonderful friends and family. 

SOUL PURPOSE:  Your Vibration Is Important to Living the Life of Your Dreams

This is why paying attention to what you eat is incredibly powerful to your happiness.  It is just one component to aligning with higher frequencies. 

When you do align with your soul purpose, you will find that manifesting is automatic and you will be happier in general.

Here is a great article on the vibration of various foods we ingest.   Our body will “entrain” to the frequency of what we eat. Go HERE.






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