Yesterday did a mediumship session so alive and specific with evidence it left all attending in tears of joy, healing and relief.

The most impressive thing about the session, which really got me, was the Red Cardinal. After bringing in much physical evidence from the grand mother in spirit like she had diabetes (cause of death), was over weight, religious, identified other family members, etc., I asked the grandmother for a sign or way she would communicate with her grand daughter.

A red-crested cardinal at the Honolulu Zoo, Oahu.
A red-crested cardinal at the Honolulu Zoo, Oahu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


SPIRIT COMMUNICATIONS:  General evidence is not good enough.  It has to be specific for it to heal.

The grand mother started talking about how birds would be the sign. I wondered if I had over shadowed my own mother, an artist who painted birds on China plates in the 1940s.

But then grandma said, a Red Cardinal, would be the exact bird. I was a little embarrassed, thinking I am out on a limb, but then the other client in the room, the daughter of the grandmother exclaimed, “Yes, yes, we had a Red Cardinal in our house growing up!”

I never heard of such a thing, but they were from Argentina, so obviously a different custom for them.

There wre other bits of information that again were very specific.  One was how the mother in spirit had to be admitted into a care facility because she became incontent.  This was an issue extremely painful for the daughter in the room.

The daughter could not take care of her mother because her mother was living with her brother in Argentina.  Her brother had promised to take care of their mother, but when she began wetting the bed, he just could not take it.

This was when he admitted her into a nursing home. 

The daughter in the room was distraught, but after much soothing on my part and that of her mother in spirit she became calm again and seemed to be relieved. 

SPIRIT COMMUNICATIONS:  Love it when spirit “tweets” in so clearly.

Have a blessed and perfect day!


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