It might come as a surprise to you that success of your session requires more than Laura’s proven expertise.  No intuitive, psychic, healer or medium can guarantee your satisfaction due to many elements outside of their control.

Three elements must align to provide a successful session.  Laura brings proven expertise.  You bring belief in Laura, prayer, meditative state, quiet location, understanding of the process, openness, etc.  Spirit brings desire and skill.   You can improve chances of success by doing the preparation steps below.

Please call Spirit Medium Laura at 954 465 7338 with any questions you have.

1.  BELIEF IN LAURA.  Please listen to Laura doing live Mediumship, healing and readings during her radio shows so you have faith in and are familiar with this process.  These shows are found in videos on right sidebar of her website, http://SpiritMediumLaura.com.
2.  SPIRIT’S INTENTIONASK in MEDITATIVE PRAYER.  Spirit needs to have intention and skill for success of your session.  At times some souls on the other side might not want to come through, might not know how.  Spirit may not want you to know something you ask during your session, because knowing it would block your growth.  It is possible your soul is not ready for healing.  It is, therefore, imperative to ASK before your session that your loved ones in spirit show up, spirit provide answers to your questions and/or heal you.  This is done in meditative prayer before your session.   
3.  MEDITATIVE STATE.  Please be in a quiet, meditative state before and during the session.
4.  QUIET SPACE.  Please be in a quiet, uninterrupted environment supporting a focused mind for your session if you are in your own location.
5.  QUESTIONS READY.  Please prepare your questions beforehand.
6.  GRIEF OVER.  Please wait until your major grieving period has subsided, which is usually about 6 months minimum, after loss of a deceased loved one before asking for an otherside mediumship session.
7.  REFUND POLICY.   Refunds ARE given for any UNUSED TIME remaining in your session if requested before or during it.  Refunds are NOT given after the session has finished.  It is important then to ask for a refund for remaining time in your session BEFORE IT ENDS if you feel it is not meeting your expectations.


1.  LAURA’S PROVEN EXPERTISE.  Spirit Medium Laura does guarantee the developed expertise, skill, ability and talent to provide the best chance of success in your session.  She proves this in the live, real and raw radio other side mediumship connections, healing and psychic readings done during her weekly radio show available for your viewing in the videos on right sidebar of this website (http://SpiritMediumLaura.com).  Please review some of them before booking a session.

2.  READINESS.  Spirit Medium Laura will show up on time, in a rested, meditative state for your session.

3.  FOCUS.  Spirit Medium Laura will bring her undivided focus and attention to you and your needs during the session.

4.  MOTIVATION.  Spirit Medium Laura will bring her motivation to please you with the best expertise, readiness and focus possible.  However, she is not in control of all the elements of success.  You and spirit are.  When all elements align, which is most of the time, she hopes you will agree, sessions are unbelievably miraculous.

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