Symptoms of Rising Vibration – RAISE YOUR VIBRATION

Raise Your Vibration. The frequencies on earth are shifting from disconnected to connected. We can no longer ignore the fact we are all one.. What I do affects you. What you do affects me. It is becoming less and less possible to operate in the dimension of “I win, you lose.”

This is a higher frequency. In this vibration it will be far more possible to create a life of joy based on your soul desire, spiritual path and natural talents.

RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.  Do you feel lonely, like much you knew, liked and did before is no longer valid for you?  Perhaps you have had some major endings in relationships, work, even the way you live.

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Raise Your Vibration
You might feel lonely when you set out to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.

Your energy has shifted; however, the next place you belong has not yet arrived.

These are all symptoms of the “Dark Night of the Soul,” as you prepare for the higher frequencies coming to earth.  Although in the end, this will be a wonderful shift, getting there, especially if you resist, can cause pain and suffering.

I am not the kind of person to pass along pander and superstitious nonsense.  However, my life much to my amazement, has been shifting right under me without my permission for the last twelve years or so.  Most of what I knew has disappeared.

Sometimes I feel like I live in a post apocalyptic world in which I no longer fit.

The frequencies on earth are shifting from disconnected to being connected.  We can no longer ignore the fact we are all one..  What I do affects you.  What you do affects me.  It is becoming less and less possible to operate in the dimension of “I win, you lose.”

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This is a higher frequency.  In this vibration it will be far more possible to create a life of joy based on your soul desire, spiritual path and natural talents.

As well, this is a time where your consciousness and your experience will begin to merge.  Three dimensional limitations will become less and less prevalent.  What you envision you will more rapidly create.  One might call this a miracle vibration.  Some call it 5th dimensional living.

You will be led with greater synchronicities and intuitive guidance.  Opportunities will flow to you provided you are in synch with the higher frequencies.

Because I am experiencing this shift personally, I know how challenging it can be.  First step is to become aware of the signs and symptoms that you are being called to take.

Here are the top twenty signs and symptoms of your frequency rising and your consciousness shifting.

  1. Monetary Devastation.  Not knowing what to do to survive.  Loss of old way of earning income, life’s savings or financial support.  Being forced to reinvent the self using natural talents and gifts to serve.
  2. Monetary Protection.  At the brink of failure old meaningless ways to earn a living replaced by a new work on your “path.”
  3. Relationship Devastation.  Family, friends and partner relationships ending with or without your desire to end them.
  4. Relationship Protection.  Relationships that are dysfunctional removed from your life, almost as if you are being protected.
  5. Abandonment.  Feeling of being abandoned by your own spiritual guidance, God or others.
  6. Aloneness, Loneliness and Isolation.  Desiring to be alone a lot.  Not wanting to do anything or see anyone.  Talking to yourself.  Feeling distant, detached, disconnected and apart from others even when you are around them.  Wanting to be alone to assimilate your new consciousness, find where you belong and open to a new way of being.
  7. Desire to Leave Planet. Feeling like you want to leave the planet to go “home,” but not knowing where home is.
  8. Desire to Relocate.  Feeling like you want to move to a new location in which you fit, but not sure where that would be.
  9. Depression.  Crying for no reason.

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  10. Intense emotions like anger, rage, love or pain.
  11. Questioning who you are, what is your purpose?
  12. Seeing numeric sequences like 11:11, 411, 911, 222, etc.
  13. Seeing shadowy objects moving out of corner of your eye.
  14. Disturbed, erratic sleep patterns. Insomnia or wanting to sleep a lot.
  15. Waking up between 2-4am.
  16. Heart palpitations.
  17. Night sweats.
  18. Flu like symptoms.
  19. Change in eating and appetite.  A call to eat cleaner, more consciously and lighter, perhaps even vegetarian or vegan.
  20. Distorted vision. Sometimes feels like you cannot see clearly, as if someone is poking at your eyes or there is sand in them.

If you are feeling some or all of these signs and symptoms do not despair.  They will pass in time to be replaced by the new energies of the planet now emerging.

Spiritually miraculous times await us.  Get ready to flow.

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NOTE2:  If you doubt Vibrations are rising on earth here is a letter I received from a reader in Australia about her vibration rising.  Enjoy!

“Dear Laura,  I’m just emailing you to thank you for your article on rising vibration. I see that it was written in December last year and, funnily enough, November in particular was a terrible month wherein I experienced every single one of those symptoms to a huge extent. It did seem at the time to be very bizarre, especially with very bad insomnia, cold after cold (in November in Australia, not flu season!), a car accident, loss of friendships, financial difficulties, feeling bitter loneliness, wanting guidance and to return home. My psychic here briefly channelled my parents who have crossed over and they said that every cloud has a silver lining and I know what that meant!

This month in particular has changed my life beyond anything else! I have been meditating frequently and I am very in touch with the higher source. I am incredibly happy and, as your article suggests, I am manifesting the most amazing experiences of my life. Everything that I imagine or dream becomes a reality within my means (which are still limited). Two examples: I contemplated the idea of going to Mexico for my birthday->the next day I find a deal for 80% off accommodation; I contemplated going to a spiritual festival out of my price range->the next day it is announced that the festival is now free. I am also psychically in tune with many close friends now-to a scary but wonderful degree, I am picking up on thoughts.

What a wonderful time we are living in! 2012=not so much the end of the world as a new beginning.  I hope that everyone can experience this very soon!

Also, after a long time of insomnia and years of struggling to sleep, I now sleep like a baby every night. I’ve even been snoring for the first time in my life!!

I am incredibly happy to be experiencing this. What a great time to be alive! I was looking back on the worst of my negative symptoms and they occurred around 11/11/11. December started to improve, but the greatest gifts have come this month. I am buzzing with vibrant energy and incredibly happy.  And there is still more light to come!   Imagine creating our world the way we wish? We don’t have to imagine

Love and light,  Ruth”

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6 thoughts on “Symptoms of Rising Vibration – RAISE YOUR VIBRATION”

  1. I’ve been having a lot of these, and added to that is heat radiating from my palms, losing my sense of time (sometimes it seems to just disappear quickly, other times it seems to stand still), and having animals flock to me (I have 3 cats and none of them will sit with you for long, but lately they all have been choosing to sit with me and they’ll sit there for an eternity if I never get up). Is this part of rising vibrations?

  2. Hey been seeing lots of vibrations in the room. What is happening to my body, and why am I getting so many bad dreams… that a sign that im on the right path.

  3. Hi am Jeelan n I have been experience most of the above symptoms. Awaking in sleep by night 3-4 am n feeling n seeing te things happening infront of me were been seen by me in the past some where. And having often dreams which a happening in true.need some guidence to decode all this clearly what is this all abt

  4. Laura, thank you for sharing this article. I am feeling and experiencing most of the symptoms. Now, I know why.

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