TELEPATHY – Is It REAL? Can You Do It?

TELEPATHY – Is It REAL?  Can You Do It?

I experience telepathy, psychic communication, all the time for clients and at times for personal use.  It happens personally for me most often if there is a developed emotional connection between myself and the other individual of high intensity.

However, as a professional psychic I can do it any time at will.

This is why I always tell clients when they want to do Remote Influence, a form of telepathy, that they engage their “feeling of love” in the process.  With out feelings telepathy is unlikely to occur for the average consumer.

At times we do not have a feeling of love, but rather simply a feeling of deep desire to achieve results.  This is a form of love.  “I would LOVE to achieve this result.”

So use this feeling as well.

I have experienced loss of a soul mate love relationship.  This has prepared me better to serve you in the area of grief, sadness, lost love, desire to reconnect, relationship advice, spiritual evolution, soul contracts, soul mate issues, etc.

This particular loss ran the gamut of every single type of negative and positive emotion a human being could experience.

While many around me said I should forget this person, the feelings raged on for years.  I was unable to move forward.  Each time I met a new possible suitor, this blast from the past seemed to sense it, opening the lines of communication again.

I seemed doomed to remain in this Bermuda Triangle of lost love.

As you can see I had a deep emotional connection with this person.

A few weeks ago I decided to see if I could contact him using telepathy.  I had not heard from him for an unusually long amount of time, feeling at that moment a deep feeling of longing and missing him.

I did not think I should not contact him.  I had given up on forgetting about him a long time ago.

I thought, if this is destiny, then let it be so.  All I thought that night was I wanted to contact him.

As I fell off to sleep I sent him a highly concentrated message that I missed him and for him to contact me.  These feelings were very strong and intense.

The next day, like magic, out of the blue, he phone called me!  He said he had a powerful dream about me the night before and could not get me out of his head that day.

Two weeks went by.  As I prepared to have a date with a new suitor, just as I finished dressing to go out, the phone rang.  It was him.

I did not answer the phone at that moment, however during that evening he was on my mind.  Later I called him.  We had a friendly conversation.

Then three days later as I spoke to a trusted confidant about him, he texted me, again out of the blue.   When I spoke to him he asked if I had sent him a signal to connect to me.

I had not.  All I had done was talk about him and now he was sensing this as well!

So the story here is that mental communication is possible without physical contact.  It is VERY possible.

It happens all the time.

Everyone that is alive including animals has this faculty.  In humans it does need to be awakened, as for some reason we all believe we cannot do it.

That is food for a book, I suppose.

How to do TELEPATHY.

1.  Take a meditation so you are feeling dreamy and relaxed.  As of the writing of this I use this meditation when I desire to feel relaxed and do psychic work.  Go HERE.

2.  Feel your feelings about connecting.  Really get into the desire you have to reach out.

3.  Send a message intensely from your mind to the recipient’s mind.  I use the third eye as focal point for the mind.

4.  Relax and let go.

The message will remain as an energy packet (like a letter, text or email) waiting to be received by the subject when s/he is receptive, relaxed and open.

Once the connection is made through a deliberate Telepathic transmission it becomes easier to send information to the subject, so easy it will seem like communication is automatic at this point.

I hope you enjoyed this exploration into the future of human potential.  I believe animals are doing such communication as a natural part of their sensory tool set.

It is humans that still need to evolve in this area.


Spirit Medium Laura

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