TELEPATHY: Sending instructions to influence ethically

TELEPATHY to INFLUENCE.  This stuff works, folks!  I have used it many times in my own life and have taught it as well. TELEPATHY IS REAL!

Third EYE 4779
Third EYE 4779 (Photo credit: Gregory Jackson Haley)

Just did a reading for a client. I was AMAZED b/c I psychically perceived her opponent in court actually had a helpful attitude towards her.

I wondered how that could be, but my client explained. Client CONFIRMED she had been telepathically influencing this person yesterday to “tell the truth” in court about her!

Here are the steps to influence another in an ethical way.

1. Create a simple command or instruction. Ex. If you want someone to testify in court honestly on your behalf, instruction would be, “Tell the truth.”
2. Get very relaxed in meditative state.
3. Envision the person you want to send the message to in front of you. Envision both your third eye and that person’s third eye. (Third eye in center of forehead.)
4. Send the statement “Tell the truth.” from your third eye to their third eye like a beam of light.
5. Do this a few times intensely. Repeat at least once a day or more often if you feel anxious.

This command will be accepted at the receiving end and acted upon according to the higher self of that individual.

You can also use this to send out instructions to the universe (manifest) desires.

Have a great day!


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