The AFTERLIFE: A Soul Discusses a Spirit Hospital

The AFTERLIFE:  A Soul Discusses a Spirit Hospital.  Yesterday I did a circle on manifesting.  After the circle was over I delivered messages.

One attendee asked me to bring in her friend Nancy who had just deceased.  A lovely lady came in with short straight hair, a boxy figure.  This physical description was confirmed by the attendee (the sitter receiving the messages).

This was not planned, nor anticipated, but here is what the friend now in spirit basically said.

1.  After passing she had been placed in an afterlife hospital.

2.  When on earth she could not walk any longer due to an illness she had.  The belief she could not walk was carried with her into the afterlife.

3.  In the afterlife she had to be healed to believe she could walk again.  It was confirmed by the sitter that her friend could not walk before passing.

4.   After leaving the hospital she was being kept in a holding area for final afterlife assignment.

5.  Until she had final assignment she could not tell us what the spirit world was like.

6.  She was around lovely people in this holding area.

7.  She realized after her passing that her friend on earth was trying to help her believe in a spirit world and have a sense of spirituality beyond religious beliefs.  It was confirmed by the sitter (one receiving the messages) that her friend had believed in traditional religion only before passing.

8.  She told her friend (the sitter) she was sorry for not believing her before she had passed.  It seemed to be a big area of conflict between them.  The sitter confirmed this .

The take away from this is that if we leave earth with certain beliefs, perhaps about our physical body or an illness we had had, we might very well be placed in an Afterlife Hospital upon arriving in spirit.

This is an very interesting concept I would like to explore further during The AfterLife Adventure Discovery Tours to be held soon.  Details about events I have are located on my meetup at this link HERE.


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