What is Mediumship Certification?

just being a certified medium does not mean you have finished. becoming a medium takes years of development.

I had a few people ask me how a medium can be certified in just two days of training.  This is a valid question and worth answering.  Here is my response.

1.       We are all born mediums.  Most of us, when properly prepped, can bring in astounding evidence, even without being trained or certified.  One of my beginner students immediately brought in the names, physical and personality description of my deceased New York neighbors.  This is common.  The distinguishing factor, however, is being consistent.

2.       A Mediumship Certification Class is different than a Mediumship Certification Program.  A class offers training.  A program can offer training, development and perhaps even testing.  Both have value.

3.       Certification does not GUARANTEE a medium’s quality. I don’t care if you have been tested, trained for years or attended a 2 day class.  Bringing in spirit consistently has to do with working with spirit more than being certified.  For example, I have listened to many “Certified” mediums on the ForeverFamilyFoundation.org radio show.

Some are fantastic like the host of the show Angelina Diana, as is Janet Nohavec.  However, others fail more often than you might expect.

English: Séance conducted by John Beattie, Bri...
English: Séance conducted by John Beattie, Bristol, England, 1872 from the Eugène Rochas Papers held at the American Philosophical Society Library. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4.       Some of the world’s most well-known mediums do not mention certifications.  (Think of John Edward, Michelle Whitedove, Lisa Williams, George Anderson, etc.)   When you are good, your work speaks for itself.  Training is just a road to get good, because it increases your time working with spirit.

5.       A Mediumship Certification Class or Program DOES offer the novice or unknown medium a level of credibility and validation.   It is helpful to those starting out to attract clients.

6.       A Mediumship Certification Class or Program does REQUIRE you continue to develop afterwards.  Two days in training, passing a test, five weeks or even one year in training does not produce a quality medium.  It takes years of development.  I have been channeling my own guides for over 30 years and speaking to loved ones for about 8 years.

7.       There is NOT one way to open as a medium.  All CLASSES and PROGRAMS are GOOD!  Why?  Because the REAL TEACHER of mediumship is spirit!  You have to work with spirit over time to gently stretch, strengthen and expand your capabilities.    SPIRIT IS THE BEST TEACHER!

The Mediumship Certification 2 day class is a place to work with spirit and expand your natural gifts.   It is not an end.  It is a step in the process.

You will have plenty of chance to open in this class to continue the process.

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4 thoughts on “What is Mediumship Certification?”

  1. I am interested in this mediumship class and honing my abilities. Can you let me know where this takes place and the cost please?

  2. Kevin Just click on the Mediumship Training tab on menu above. There you will find information on getting the Certification. Thanks. Spirit Medium Laura.

  3. My name is Carole Mann–I am very interested in attaining my certification in Mediumship-I have had this “gift” since a child–I have written two book about stories of Spirit with Pictures(second book-The Spirit of Things II to be released soon-published by Xilbris Pub)–I am also an Aura Photographer and a Reiki III level master /Teacher–I have just completed my second mediumship class with Rita Berkowitz-a very gifted certified medium–4 years ago-I started my mediumship classes with Certified medium-Pamela Edmunds also-Looking forward to hearing from you-I just turned 65-lol-and truly wish to accomplish this–Love and Light-Carole Mann

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