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INTRODUCTION:  Thank you so much for your interest!   I offer four self paced courses on these subjects:  abundance, channeling, clairvoyance and mediumship.

Each course contains 4 classes.  Each class contains a self paced video, an e-book (or referral to a book on, a self paced workshop video and its accompanying presentation. You can watch video introductions and purchase these classes below.

It is recommended to take at least one week to complete one class, therefore, the entire course could be completed in 16 weeks.  Completion of the 16 week training results in the Soul Psychic Healer Master Certification, which covers abundance, channeling, clairvoyance, mediumship.  All work is healing based.

There is a free Facebook Support Group to work with other students.

HOW TO BE A MEDIUM!  BECOME a MASTER CERTIFIED SOUL PSYCHIC HEALER by completion of all 4 psychic mediumship development certification courses (abundance, channeling, clairvoyance and mediumship).   5th course is Holistic Business, which does not count towards Certification, but is helpful to those wanting to start a spiritual business.

1.   Self Paced Video Training.  [INCLUDES 4 items:  (1) VIDEO COURSE:  self paced video course (for all except Holistic Business), (2)  VIDEO WORKSHOP:  self paced video workshop emphasizing exercises, (3)  PRESENTATION for WORKSHOP accessible online & (4)  BOOKS by Spirit Medium Laura as an online E-book (or when on Kindle available for a nominal fee.]     Introductory videos and course descriptions below.   No refunds (review intro videos below before purchase).

Choose 1 Lesson, 1 Course, or get 10%, 20%, 25% or 30% off!
REQUIRED: Please enter Lesson from a course (described below) or Course Name(s) either Abundance, Channeling, Clairvoyance, Mediumship or Business.  After payment you will be sent links to the classes.

2.  OPTIONAL.   Private or Semi Private Development Coaching with Spirit Medium Laura.  Book HERE!



The Mediumship Playground offers training on how to be a medium in 3 ways:  self paced videos, online workshop and coaching.  The course content is complete development including soul alignment (clairsentience), channeling (clairaudience), clairvoyance (psychic seeing), mediumship (claircognizance) and business development (not needed for certification).

Completion of all four psychic development classes will earn you the Master Certified Soul Psychic Healer designation, which is much more than just how to be a medium, but teaches you how to be a well rounded soul healer.


SOUL ABUNDANCE (Clairsentience).  Intuitive Development for ABUNDANCE & HOW TO BE A MEDIUM.  If you are using traditional manifesting techniques and obtaining poor results, your soul contracts are blocking you.  This course teaches you how to take the next evolutionary step for your soul by letting go of fear, housed within the karma of toxic soul contracts.  This results in living in the Divine Flow of bliss. 

As well, this course will help you open psychically and teach you how to coach others to do the same as part of your own soul psychic healer practice.  Based on my book, the Amazon best seller, “”The ‘SOUL’ Law of Attraction Secret:  The 4 Step ‘SOUL’ Law of Attraction Secret for Love, Money and Weight Loss!” channeled in part from Alpha Omega Light Beings (Pleidians).    Learn how to get results with the Law of Attraction & Mediumship by aligning with your soul, your intuitive nature.  Lesson 1:  Let go of Karmic blocks.  Lesson 2:  Open Your Blissful, Powerful Soul’s Purpose (Dharma).  Lesson 3:  Vibrate at the Miracle Frequency of LOVE.  Lesson 4:  Engage Your Intuition for GOD flow (Guidance, Opportunities & Destiny).     Click on video for intro to course.

CHANNELING Spirit Guides (Clairaudience) for HOW TO BE A MEDIUM.  Lesson 1:  Open Your Psychic Doorway, Read for Yourself and Others Using Pendulum.  Lesson 2:  Soul Art & Automatic Writing.  Lesson 3:  Meet Your Guides, Learn Life Purpose.  Lesson 4:  Journey to Akashic Records, Learn Past Lives.  Click on video for intro to course.

CLAIRVOYANCE for HOW TO BE A MEDIUM.   Learn to open your psychic sense of sight!   Lesson 1:  See, Read auras.  Lesson 2:  Read, Soul Healing With Chakras, Lesson 3:  Remote Viewing, Medical Intuition.  Lesson 4:  Telepathy, Remote Influence for Healing.    Click on video for intro to course.

MEDIUMSHIP (Claircognizance) .   Learn to speak to those that have transitioned to spirit.  Lesson 1:  Open to the Other Side using your existing skill set.  Lesson 2:  Using the aura for Mediumship & Setting up symbols With Loved Ones In Spirit.  Lesson 3:  Psychic Detective, Pet Mediumship.  Lesson 4:  Mediumship Afterlife Interviews:  What is the other side like?      Click on video for intro to course.   Good reference article on Mediumship technique HERE.

HOLISTIC BUSINESS SUCCESS is for the light worker who wants to align with the supernatural power of their soul’s work (Dharma) to attract success doing meaningful, validating work they love while fulfilling their soul’s mission.  You will define your business niche based on your soul’s plan for this life time, then learn how to get the word out about it using proven business & marketing steps.  Features Selling with the SPIN system and Internet Marketing. Based on this book.  SAMPLE HERE! Create Your Holistic Business Table Of Contents and Chapter One.   


Spirit Medium Laura