Attend the Intuitive Playground.  Learn How to Be A Medium with Intuition, Channeling, Psychic Clairvoyance, Mediumship
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Attend The Intuitive Playground, an ONLINE monthly 4 lesson workshop on Mondays at 8pm ET for $60 ($20 for one lesson).  Consists of lecture, exercises, give/get readings all designed to teach Clairsentience (Intuition or clear feeling), Clairaudience (Channeling or clear hearing), Clairvoyance (Psychic clear seeing) and Claircognizance (Mediumship or clear knowing) to learn how to be a medium.  DETAILS BELOW

PAY HERE.  CONNECT TO PLAYGROUND on Mondays at 8pm from HERE.   (NOTE:  Playground will start at 8:05pm as Spirit Medium Laura transitions from radio show.  Attendance will be taken at beginning of Playground against payment receipts.)  LIMITED SEATING.

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DETAILS:  How to Be a Medium

The INTUITIVE PLAYGROUND is a MONTHLY ONLINE intuitive, psychic and mediumship development circle which teaches you How to Be a Medium.  Each month a different focus will be provided.  These classes can be taken alone or as a complete program to learn how to be a medium. 

These classes have self paced video versions.  More information HERE.

Completion of all four classes will earn you the Master Certified Soul Psychic Healer designation, which is much more than just a medium, but a well rounded soul healer.  You can also earn this designation by engaging in private coaching with Laura.  More information HERE

All classes thoroughly develop you towards mediumship using intuition, channeling, psychic clairvoyance & spirit communications. 

SEPT./MAY/JAN  – Intuition (Clairsentience, Clear Feeling) for How to be a Medium.  Learn how to tap into the miracle of Intuition for Success With Law of Attraction & Mediumship.  Tap into the supernatural power of your own soul by engaging its dialoge.  Excellent preparation for How to Be A Medium.   Lesson 1:  Let go of Karmic blocks.  Lesson 2:  Open Your Blissful & Powerful Soul’s Purpose & Dharma.  Lesson 3:  Vibrate at the Miracle Frequency of LOVE.  Lesson 4:  Engage Your Intuition for GOD flow (Guidance, Opportunities & Destiny).  FREE Intro video class on this subject gotten by joining mailing list at top right of page HERE.

JUNE/OCT/FEB:  Channeling (Clairaudience) for How to be a Medium.   Lesson 1:  Open Your Psychic Doorway, Read for Yourself and Others Using Pendulum.  Lesson 2:  Soul Art & Automatic Writing.  Lesson 3:  Meet Your Guides, Learn Life Purpose.  Lesson 4:  Journey to Akashic Records, Learn Past Lives.  Clairaudience.  FREE Intro video class on this subject gotten by joining mailing list at top right of page HERE.   More about this class HERE.

 JULY/OCT/FEB.  Clairvoyance (Psychic Sight) for How to be a Medium.   Learn to open your psychic sense of sight!   Lesson 1:  See, Read auras.  Lesson 2:  Read, Soul Healing With Chakras, Lesson 3:  Remote Viewing, Medical Intuition.  Lesson 4:  Telepathy, Remote Influence for Healing.   FREE Intro video class on this subject gotten by joining mailing list at top right of page HERE.

AUG/DEC/APR.   Mediumship.  Claircognizance (Clear knowing) for How to be a Medium.   Learn to speak to those that have transitioned to spirit.  Lesson 1:  Open to the Other Side using your existing skill set.  Lesson 2:  Using the aura for Mediumship & Setting up symbols With Loved Ones In Spirit.  Lesson 3:  Psychic Detective, Pet Mediumship.  Lesson 4:  Mediumship Afterlife Interviews:  What is the other side like?    FREE Intro video class on this subject gotten by joining mailing list at top right of page HERE.



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Self Paced Video Training Which Reveals How to Be a Medium focusing on Law of Attraction, Channeling, Clairvoyance & Mediumship.  Includes 4 separate self paced courses, each 4 lessons long, 5 e-books & complimentary introductory video for each and complimentary Facebook Support Group.  Use INTUITIVE PLAYGROUND seminars to learn How to Be a Medium in compliment of these.   Details HERE & Purchase HERE