Holistic Business Success Ebook Sample

E-book Table of Contents

Chapter One –L.O.V.E. Your Problem.. 6

The Science Of Bliss. 7

Your Problem Is Your Power. 9

Client 1: Artist’s Struggle. 9

Client 2: Power and Love. 9

Client 3: Tradition Versus Identity. 10

Define Your Problem.. 11

Specialize Your Current Business. 12

What do you now do?. 12

Identify Your Best Customer. 13

Exercises. 14

Chapter Two:  Open the Acronym Solution. 15

Case Study 1:  Massage to Help Relieve Lower Back Pain Problem. 15

Case Study 2.  Coaching:  Finding Love Over 50 Using The Law of Attraction. 16

Case Study 3.  Hypnosis :   Happy Menopause Without Hormones. 17

Case Study 4.  Coaching:   Sell Your Way To Money and Love Success. 18

Exercises. 20

Chapter Three:  Voice Your Solution. 21

Public Speaking. 21

Content of your Speech or Class. 21

Possible ways to find opportunities to speak. 22

Others Ways to “Voice The Solution”. 24

Volunteer. 24

Trade shows. 24

Build Your Mailing List. 24

Video Marketing (Instead of or in Compliment to Article Marketing). 26

Write An E-book (or Digital Product) Describing Your System. 27

Create a FREE report. 28

How To Write An E-book. 28

Sell Information Products. 28

Chapter Three Exercises. 29

Chapter Four – Engage Sales. 30

Internet. 30

Hire a Website Designer. 30

Naming Your Site. 31

Squeeze Page. 31

Credit cards. 31

Internet Marketing. 32

Get on First Page of Google Quickly and Easily – Mandatory. 32

Get FREE Advertising on Internet – Mandatory. 33

How to Get Leads From Facebook and Twitter. 34

Selling Products. 34

Sales Skills. 36

Create a Lead Referral System. 38

Exercises For Chapter Four. 39

Conclusion. 40

Contact. 40

Reference Section. 41

Books. 41

Quick Reference Guide:  Holistic Business Success. 42

L.O.V.E. Means: 42

Holistic Business Success : 42

Holistic Business Success Class Exercises. 47

Chapter 1 Exercises:  Love Your Problem.. 47

Chapter 2 Exercises:  Open Acronym Solution. 47

Chapter 3 Exercises:  Voice the solution. 48

Chapter 4 Exercises:  Engage Sales. 48

Chapter One –L.O.V.E. Your Problem

What has been your biggest problem in this lifetime?  Has it been receiving unconditional love and acceptance from one or both of your parents?  Has it been the ability to find work you love and then a constructive application for it?  Perhaps you have been challenged in being able to express your deepest talents and truth constructively into the world?

If you are living a life where you do not know who you are, what your talents are, you certainly are not expressing them.  You might even feel like a silent zombie, moving from external distraction to distraction seeking something, but you are not sure what.

Perhaps you fall into and out of love often.  When the thrill is gone you get going.

Maybe you buy a lot of “toys” to distract yourself from the fact you earn a lot of money, but doing something you really do not enjoy doing.

Perhaps you have hobbies that are destructive like shopping until you drop, gambling, drinking to distract you from your emptiness.

Some might call this the existential crisis.  I call it the inability to know and express your true essence to the world in a constructive way.  It is the inability to be “seen” or acknowledged by others because you do not know who you are nor are you expressing yourself to the world properly.

You hide behind that which you consume thinking this will bring you an identity.  When it does not you seek something new.  This fails and then you continue to consume and consume.  Nothing seems to bring you peace, joy or happiness.

Newsflash.  Happiness is being you!  It is not consuming something outside of you to numb your emptiness.

Until you get to your core center, remembering who you are, why you came to earth and then constructively expressing this on earth, you will be a person who attempts to “heal” your emptiness through consumption.

You might be a consumer of love relationships, luxury items, status symbols, clothing, travel, religious doctrine and so on.  Until you remember who you are, you will find it necessary to remove yourself from reality with the false illusion of identity through consumption.

You are NOT the things you wear, the relationship you are in or the religion you worship.  No.  You are a soul with a unique purpose who has come to earth to discover this purpose and then serve others with it.

You are a person who has a mission.  This mission can be large or small.  The size of it does not matter.  What matters is that it be discovered and then expressed on earth.

Why?  Because your mission has meaning.  You count.  Your service counts.  When you are fulfilling your mission you are increasing the greater good, helping consciousness evolve.  You are part of something larger than yourself.

When you are serving with your mission your existential crisis is healed.   You become one with the all that is.  You become one with the supreme power.  You become LOVE.

Why care?  Because when you become one with love, you will feel great, fabulous actually.  It is the ultimate consumption, but this consumption does not go away like a quick fix.  It stays with you bringing the deepest satisfaction you could ever imagine to have on earth.

It brings bliss to you!

Do you want to experience bliss?  Then read on.

The Science Of Bliss

There is a method to magic.  When you discover your “Soul Work,” your life will take on a “flow” of energy which leads and guides you along to blissful fulfillment.

The first step to this bliss magic is to discover your life’s biggest problem.  You might be laughing at this but behind your life’s biggest challenges is your blissful prosperity.

What is your biggest problem in this lifetime?

My own story begins with parents who were highly creative, intuitive and artistic.  Both my mother and father were successful, high talented, professional artists.

In addition, my mother was a psychic medium, astrologer, numerologist, Rosicrucian, Tarot card reader, spiritual practitioner and healer.  She did readings for some famous people and wrote a book of her life’s work.  It never made publication before her death.

To say I had “normal” parents is amusing, yet all they wanted for me was to be “normal.”  They told me not to go into the arts, to get a stable, secure career like teaching, accounting or some trade that would support me.

My father used to satirically comment on how great it would be to become a City of New York garbage collector, because they had paid vacation, holidays and a secure retirement after 20 years on the job.  My mother thought if I learned how to type that would protect me from destitution.

These were not the messages of personal validation for me.  They were the messages of scarcity, lack and fear.

If you were to be yourself, you would fail, be poor and never have a vacation!

Can you think where Steven Spielberg would be today if his parents taught him this and he believed them?

Of course, what did I love to do as a child?  Paint, draw and daydream.  I loved to read Hans Christian Andersen’s “Fairy Tales” way beyond the normal age of early childhood.  Why?  Because, at my core, I loved magic, fantasy, spirituality and symbolism.

I had contact with my spiritual guides from an early age.  I was even saved from drowning at about four years old, although I did not fully understand who or what they were until much later in life.  As well, I was regularly seeing individuals from The Other Side, very frightening at a young age.

As I progressed through life I attempted to mold myself into what I was taught, but it never seemed right.  Even after years of conforming in school to get good grades, years at the corporate mill of hard labor, and then the early retirement of “wealth” I never felt like I belonged.

When I finally retired early with a millionaire’s nest egg, I felt empty.  I was numb, actually.

If life had not taken over, if I had not been forced to take a new course, I would still be there.  I would still be sitting on a pile of money, while my heart remained in bankruptcy.

It was only after my millions dissipated through the oddest ten years of unlucky synchronicity did I finally give up.  I was forced to try something different.

I finally gave into my more creative, mystical nature.  I began slowly and stiltedly to use my natural gifts.  I began to do soul psychic readings for people.

Because this was as natural for me as perhaps flying is for a bird or swimming is for a fish, I gave it little importance.  I took it for granted.

It did not seem practical, nor even probable that I would be able to earn a living doing spiritual counseling for others.  Yet when my money was almost gone, try as I did to make that different, I was forced to turn to spiritual work for my livelihood.

Miracle this is!  Within four months of focusing on this work, discovering the system I am to teach you here, my income went up four fold!

I was shocked, elated and relieved.  I was onto something.

Your problem is your passionate prosperity!

It is my task on earth to teach others how to create heaven on earth by allowing their true nature to surface, then to act on that nature.

This book is a success system to discover you passion then form a business around it.

Your Problem Is Your Power

Take a quiet meditation for at least eight minutes.  Youtube.com has some wonderful theta meditation which will put you in a discovery mode of deep insight.  My website has been reviewing these meditations.  Here is a link to a page on my website with reviews of these meditations.  Go here:  http://abundancepsychic.com/meditations/theta-trance/meditation-of-the-week.

After the meditation take out a pen and paper.  Write down the biggest obstacle you have experienced your entire life.

If you are having difficulty discovering and then expressing your problem read these examples.  Perhaps they will trigger recognition of your problem.

Client 1: Artist’s Struggle.

This client’s mother had always told her she was not good enough.  She never experienced unconditional love.

Replaying the message her mother implanted in her growing up she kept attracting people, places and things that invalidated her.  She attracted an emotionally abusive husband and then an invalidating boyfriend while her art business fell apart.

Through all of this she created an art product which allowed dog owners to receive unconditional love from their pets.  It was a “Doggie High Chair.”  It allowed little dogs to sit at table level to participate during a meal.

What a wonderful product!  It delivered unconditional love to its owners!

This is her Soul Work.  She is supposed to create art products which deliver unconditional love.

The more she believed in her Soul Work the more her intuition began to lead her on a prosperous path.

Client 2: Power and Love.

This client’s biggest life problem was a mother who was a powerful business person with a father who was unfaithful.  From this she got the mixed message that a powerful woman is unloved.

She attracted a husband that was unfaithful to her.  Her reaction to this was to go off and attempt to realize her own power in a business.

Unfortunately, she sabotaged her first attempt at creating this business, by distracting herself with meaningless love affairs.  She was attempting to be loved and powerful at the same time.

Both the love affairs and the business faltered as she played out the messages she got in childhood.

Her Soul Work is to create a successful business for herself then to find love after it is established.  Her gift to the world from this is to teach other women through her example how to mix power and love.

She can do this through a business she creates or just in a one to one example to others.

Client 3: Tradition Versus Identity

Client 3 was born into a family where religion was more than worship of a deity.  It was a strict cultural identity, not to be forgotten or lost.

As she lived within the forced confines of its identity, she was miserable.  Finally after years of self searching, she realized what spiritual truth was for herself.

When she began to live in accordance with this truth, it was as if she had come out from behind an iron mask.  As she began to live a life which endorsed this truth, she discovered a personal satisfaction, joy and power never been known to her before.

She began to write about it.  As well, she began to coach others on how to find their spiritual truth so they could live a life of personal empowerment versus a life of forced conformity.

Her Soul Work is to lead others to discover and live their spiritual truth so they may lead joyful lives of personal validity and authenticity.

Define Your Problem

If you had trouble defining your problem at the beginning of this section, perhaps after reading the above case studies you will be able to express it now.  Here is the exercise again.

Take a quiet meditation for at least eight minutes.  Youtube.com has some wonderful theta meditation which will put you in a discovery mode of deep insight.  My website has been reviewing these meditations.  Here is a link to a page on my website with reviews of these meditations.  Go here:  http://abundancepsychic.com/meditations/theta-trance/meditation-of-the-week.

After the meditation, take out a pen and paper.  Write down the biggest obstacle or obstacles you have experienced your entire life.

We will be using this problem for the rest of the book to create your blissful Holistic Business.

Specialize Your Current Business

So you now have your problem.  Hidden behind this problem is a universe of customers and a wonderful Holistic Business.

Obviously you do not want to have to throw out your existing business to move forward with Holistic Business Success .  Well, maybe not that obviously.

Think of it like this.  Client #1 above already was an artist.  However, her art was not focused on creating art to help people receive unconditional love.

When she did this, she entered the energy for her pre-life plan, which began to lead her to success.

You need to specialize your current business into a solution to your biggest life problem.  So for example, if you are now selling health insurance, think about your biggest life problem.

Does it in anyway relate to buying health insurance?

Maybe you found it difficult in being self employed to find affordable health insurance or health insurance that would cover a serious preexisting health condition.  Maybe you couldn’t find a good health insurance provider that made it affordable to buy insurance for your children and yourself as a single parent.

When you are selling anything the best way to specialize is to think of yourself.  This is your ideal target market.  Why?

Well for one you will understand the needs of your customer better if you are the customer too!  They will believe you have empathy for them, which helps them feel understood.  This creates trust and they will more likely want to buy from you than someone who is a generalist.

If you had the problem yourself and you solved it you create immediate rapport with your prospect.  They will think you understand them and can help solve their problem.

We usually buy from people who understand us.  Creating rapport is a key step in achieving this.

Are you beginning to see the power of your problem?  It creates a way for you to specialize.  Specialization has clients built right into your business.

Specialization will, as well, allow you to see how to market your business better.  You will more likely spend dollars and marketing effort participating in a trade show geared to single moms to sell health insurance than a trade show for health insurance generalists.

Your advertising dollars are spent smarter.

What do you now do?

Coaching, massage therapy, diet counseling, counseling, psychic reader, energy healer, hypnotist, etc.  Think about your existing business.  Think about your biggest problem.  Now make your specialization around solving this problem.

If you want to create an entirely new business then simply create this business around your problem.

My biggest life problem was using my natural gifts and talents in constructive service to others.  So my psychic business specializes in healing and abundance from soul communications.  I call this SoulTalk.

I provide other services in my business but they are subsets of this overall theme.  These services are soul related.

For example, I do mediumship, which is connecting with the soul of a loved one in spirit.

When I do readings, I connect with the client’s soul.  If she or he is having a relationship problem, I connect to the soul of the person with which they have conflict.

Identify Your Best Customer

Your best customer is you with money!  So think about yourself and what you need.

What is your age, life problems, history, values and beliefs?  Where do you live?  What do you like to do for fun?  What kind of work do you do?

This is your best customer.

Keep this is mind as we get ready to work the success system.  You marketing efforts need to find this customer.


  1. Define Your Problem.  If you have not yet defined your problem during this chapter, here is the exercise again.

Take a quiet meditation for at least eight minutes.  Youtube.com has some wonderful theta meditation which will put you in a discovery mode of deep insight.  My website has been reviewing these meditations.  Here is a link to a page on my website with reviews of these meditations.  Go here:  http://abundancepsychic.com/meditations/theta-trance/meditation-of-the-week.

After the meditation, take out a pen and paper.  Write down the biggest obstacle or obstacles you have experienced your entire life.

You may have to do this exercise a number of times until you finally come up with a succinct understanding of your problem.

  1. Identify your best customer.  Your best customer is you with money!  This is meant to get a feel for your customer.  If you are not sure of the answers to these questions, just play with it.  This will begin the process of becoming familiar with how to market to your best customer.
    1. What is his or her income level?
    2. What is their biggest expense in their life?
    3. Where do they shop?  Online?  Malls?  Super markets, health food stores, etc.?
    4. What do they do for fun?
    5. How is their health?
    6. Do they do preventive care on their body, vehicle and home?
    7. Continue defining as much about your perfect customer as you can.

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