ACNE ROSACEA NATURAL TREATMENT. This is an easy to implement system for natural acne rosacea treatment which worked. Hope you enjoy!


It happened again.  My skin was humming right along.  I had just found a great Retinol Serum (shown below) which immediately removed puffiness, bags, tightened the skin and smoothed out the wrinkles under my eyes.

It worked so well, I decided to smooth a bit of it all over my face mixed with a moisturizer.  This worked wonders!

I was glowing (in a good way, not a radio active way. :)

Anyway, suddenly at about 4am early Wednesday morning I awoke.  My left cheek was itchy.  I foggily scratched it and went back to sleep.

The next morning I had another break out.  My left cheek was glowing.  Only this time, red, hot and out of control!  Amidst the redness, were bumps that looked like pimples.  There was some swelling and itchiness.

I had had this before, and always dismissed it as hives, or acne.  I really could not figure it out and always was too busy to get to a Dermatogist, so basically I was tolerating it.

There were broken blood vessels, redness, itchiness, scaliness where I got it.

After doing my own research this past week, I finally discovered.  This is ACNE ROSACEA.

There are four kinds of rosacea.  I had the acne type.  I will not burden you with the names of all of them.  You can find that information on

ACNE ROSACEA. Picture courteys of

What I want to share is what I did about it after ignorantly suffering with this for years, treating it as if it was acne or hives, and only making it worse.

What it is.

This condition occurs in those with a compromised immune system due to illness, diet, exhaustion, or stress.  Skin mites (we all have them) during these times of immune weakness create an infection on skin surface.

A simple way of saying this is our immune system is weakened when the balance between good and bad bacteria goes awry allowing infections to take over.


It can occur when our skin is further antagonized due to

  1. harsh chemicals,
  2. rough treatment,
  3. red wine and other possible trigger foods like dairy, spicy foods like horseradish, wasabi, shellfish, soy, nuts, eggs, yeast, gluten,
  4. exposure to the sun,
  5. getting over heated,
  6. over exercised,
  7. possible allergic reactions to pet dander, etc.

If you are scrubbing your skin, using alcohol based astringents on it, or any other harsh scrubs, chemicals or cleansers you will encourage an outbreak.

Since I thought it was acne, that is exactly what I was doing!

It is more prevalent in middle aged women than men and those with highly sensitive skin.

It affects fair complexions more than darker skin.  Women of Northern European descent (Scandinavian in particular) tend to get it more than other genetic groups.


So the day I discovered that apple cider vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, honey and some soothing oils could help this condition I immediately made a facial tonic of this.

I mixed 1/10 Apple Cider Vinegar with a little of the Tea Tree Oil, honey and olive oil and gently placed on my face.  I did not use my alcohol based toner, nor did I use a scrub that evening.

The ACNE ROSACEA immediately seemed to calm down.  The next day it was almost all gone!

So here is the natural home treatment for Acne Rosacea I am doing.

  1. Mind the stress.  If you are overloaded, over tired, over stressed, you have created the opportunity for a weakened immune system.  Right around the time of my skin outbreak I had had three days of non stop holiday parties, a full day of intense stressful client sessions and little sleep.   I was exhausted and could hardly keep my eyes opened the day before the breakout of Acne Rosacea.
  2. Keep my immune system strong.  Usually those with Acne Rosacea have compromised or weakened immune systems, so do everything you can do including proper diet, enough sleep and supplements to keep your system strong.
  3. Avoid Red wine.  I was drinking this as my choice of beverage when I imbibed!  The days before my most recent breakout I had had red wine in abundance due to holiday parties!  I think I can tolerate some red wine, but only occasionally.  This is a general tip from a Dermatologist online, so I believe many are affected by this.
  4. Avoid Spicy Food.  I absolutely LOVE spicy foods like Creamy Horseradish Sauce.  When I ate it I could almost feel my skin getting itchy.  Now I know why.  Bye bye Creamy Horseradish sauce.  :(  This is a general tip from a Dermatologist online, so I believe many are affected by this.
  5. Avoid Trigger foods.  Dairy, shellfish, soy, nuts, eggs, yeast, gluten, etc..
  6. Physical Exertion, Sweating, Exposure to Sun and Wind.  Hard to avoid, but being aware of this can help ameliorate.
  7. Sensitively Treat My Face.  Use mild, hypo allergenic cleansers, toners and defoliators.  If you have sensitive oily skin like I do, you need to find a way to thoroughly cleanse without over stimulating or antagonizing.   Dump the alcoholic toner.  Anything harsh will break you out!
  8. Some Natural Remedies include cooling, soothing and anti inflammatory substances such as cucumbers, lavender, rose oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and so on.


You cannot scrub your face with finely ground corn meal like I did every evening to exfoliate!

You cannot use Clinique Clarifying Lotion #3 like I did.  It is one of the strongest alcohol based astringents around!

You cannot use a harsh soap or cleanser.  I used Clinique’s Extra Strength Soap for oily skin!  I now cleanse my face with the Clinique soap mixed with a hypo allergenic creamy moisturizer, similar to what a bar of Dove soap might have in it.

My skin is oily so in the summer I might just use the soap without the creamy moisturizer.

After this, I use a toner made of 1/10th Apple Cider Vinegar, a few drops of Tea Tree Oil, a bit of honey and a bit of the Retinal Serum I am using around my eyes a different way.

My skin is starting to look RADIANT and become break out free.

Any harsh Retinal product should be avoided, however, Retinal is good for acne, so finding one that does not irritate can be helpful.  I think the one I am using is.

Here is a link to the Retinal Serum I am using.

I mix this Retinal with water and a good oil free skin cream.  Too much oil around your eyes will make them puffy.

I might add a bit of Caster Oil to my toner (depending on how oily my skin is).  Instead of Olive oil I have read that Castor Oil and Tea Tree Oil together are great for this condition.

Here is a link to Castor Oil product on Amazon where reviews for acne are good.  However, the olive oil seemed to work wonders when I initially applied it.


I will update this article from time to time as I discover improvements.  Today my skin is clear and I feel great!

UPDATE:  Well here it is about week or two later.  I have a huge breakout on my face!

I just found out I wa- s exposed to someone who is now sick with the flu.  The day after I was around him, I was wiped – and I mean wiped – OUT!

I felt like a MAC truck had run me over, but by the end of the day I started to feel almost normal again.  The next day (today) I had the acne rosacea breakout.

I think it was due to my immune system being occupied fighting the virus I was exposed to from this person.

Nothing else had changed.  I was not eating trigger foods except for some red wine.

WHAT I DID.  I immediately placed Tea Tree Oil over the bumpy breakouts.  This seemed to improve everything very quickly.

I am considering getting the Castor Oil to use with the Tea Tree Oil or alone for my skin too.

For me I think the main problem is a weakened immune system.  I do have Epstein Barr antibodies in my blood stream.

This indicates this virus is active in my system.  My immune system has to fight it off.  I am on a protocol for weakened immune system.  More on that HERE.

As well, I have under eye puffiness which wells up when my immune system is compromised or challenged.  Under eye puffiness is due to the lymph system not able to clear toxins from system.  Article on this HERE.

The lymph system is directly tied to immune function.

All roads in my case lead to the immune system.  Maybe this is true for you too.


Spirit Medium Laura
Medical Medium, Certified Health Coach, St. Ignatius Loyola Channel (Same Entity to famed Brazilian Healer John of God)

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