You can have what you want in life.  You do not have to live a life of quiet misery.  Your suffering is your soul telling you to clear your Karma (which is fear) and Evolve (which is love)!

This is one way to do so.  In a private session with me I will clairvoyantly work with you to Reveal, Release and Renew your energy.  When you book HERE, mention you want “CHAKAROMA” in Event Code field.

You will need to purchase specific high quality essential oils for this healing protocol to work.  The oils needed for healing and how to order them are listed at end of this article.

Chakra Healing Essential Oils
Be Your Highest Self!

Spirit has led me to a new way of removing emotional blocks from your Chakras, thus clearing your karma.

Once you are cleared your vibration rises, you are able to manifest goals and desires with much greater success.  You become magical, more optimistic and over all more radiant.

As I moved forward with this technique, spirit led me to incorporate Essential Oils to effectuate the clearing at a mind – body – soul level.

The oils used for clearing must be of precise, chemical component, of the highest, clearest caliber.  When oils are used in the healing they enter the primitive part of the brain.

This part of the brain (Amygdala) controls your subconscious beliefs.  As well, it is the gateway to your spiritual connection to the super conscious.

When this pathway is cleared you begin to function as mentioned above like a Master, you are able to manifest desires and goals at an entirely new level.

Here are the steps to this healing in case you want to do this on your own.

  1. Let Go in meditation.  I suggest at least 5 to 15 minutes of some sort of meditation you love.  I enjoy listening to sounds of the ocean.  It relaxes me completely and opens me for psychic connection.
  2. Open in prayer ask spirit to help you gain the goal you seek in this life time at this time.  What is your Heart’s desire today?  Ask spirit to provide you this goal.
  3. Vibration alignment.  Imagine you see your body in front of you.  On your next exhale imagine the energy of this projected form is being connected to you.
  4. Entirely receive your messages.
    1. Reveal goal, feelings, memory, block.
      1. Define your goal, something you want in your life very much. Think about what is stopping you from reaching this goal.  Write these ideas down.
      2. Name a feeling you have when you think about achieving this goal.  Write this down.  Ask spirit to reveal to you a memory when you had this feeling earlier in your life.  Could be near or distant past.
      3. Receive this memory, feeling the emotions that come with it.  Go deep into the feeling and the memory.
      4. Find the block.  Ask spirit to reveal to you a number from 1 to 7.  The first number that comes in is your block.
    2. Release.  Breathe in an oil for releasing this emotional memory.  I use Stress Away, Release or Inner Child from Young Living.  They work like magic.   Instructions on how to order these oils at bottom of this article.
      1. Look up the number of your block on the Chakra table.  Channel in the correct color for that Chakra to its location.
      2. Look up the affirmation for your blocked chakra.  Channel in an affirmation for your desired goal.  Ex.  “I am earning a grand income doing the spiritual work I love and am uniquely talented to do!”
    3. Renew.
      1. Say this affirmation now while in power pose.  (Mountain pose in Yoga, Wonder Woman pose or simply standing with hands on your heart)
      2. Say this affirmation morning and night for 2 minutes a day for 3 days while breathing in Transformation or Believe from Young Living, standing in Power Pose

CHARKA CHART with Colors.  The bottom Chakra is number 1.  The top Chakra number 7.

Chakra Healing Essential Oils.
Chakra Healing Essential Oils.


Order Young Living Essential Oils.  Call 1-800-371-3515.  Provide my Member ID 3425407 and name Laura Mendelsohn or just click on this link to order.  Call me with any questions you might have at 954 465 7338.

  • What to Order.  You have choices from $25 (Option 4) to $250 (Option 1).  All prices are approximate and accurate at time of this writing.

    1. Option 1Gold Medal Choice.  Enough oil for 50 – 60 treatments.   This is the recommended option as the program was designed with these specific oils in mind.  Approximate Cost as of this writing $250.

      1. Premium Starter Kit.  This contains Stress Away, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon Oil and small samples of other resources and oils, gives you Distributor status and wholesale prices on the other oils AND Diffuser  $160
      2. Release.  $40
      3. Inner Child.  $30
      4. Envision.  $20.
    2. Option 2Cool Second Choice.  Enough oil for 50 – 60 treatments.  Total Cost about $180.

      1. Basic Starter Kit.  Contains Stress away 5 ml bottle, samples of Lavender, Lemon, Peace and Calming, Thieves and Peppermint.  Gives you Distributor status and wholesale prices for one year on all orders.  $45
      2. Sacred Frankincense.  $45
      3. Release.  $40
      4. Inner Child.  $30
      5. Envision.  $20.
    3. Option 3Bony But Brainy Choice.  Basic Starter Kit.  Contains Stress away 5 ml bottle (good for 50 – 60 treatments) , samples of Lavender, Lemon, Peace and Calming, Thieves and Peppermint which can be used to make a rough approximation of what is used in the healing for one treatment.   Gives you wholesale and Distributor status.  $45 plus S&H.
    4. Option 4.  Barely There Choice. (Will be available by 7/31/17).  Cost about $25.  Two small samples of five different oils each .0051 fl oz. in size to create a very rough approximation of what is used in the work.  Oils:  Lemon, Lavender, Peace and Calming, Thieves, Peppermint.   (2 of each).  You MUST order this through me.
  • Other ways to order Young Living product.  You can order Young Living on too.  Just go here to order. 


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