HOW to MANIFEST DESIRES INSTANTLY: Remove Your Emotional Blocks to Freedom.

HOW to MANIFEST DESIRES INSTANTLY.   Remove Your Emotional Blocks to Freedom.

Spirit has been working with me for a long time, over 50 years, to learn how to manifest desires instantly.

The first principle in getting what you want in life, in living a life in the flow of happiness, is to be in alignment with your purpose.

How to Manifest Desires Instantly
Enter Your Garden of Life. Manifest Desires Instantly.

One slight glitch to this is the fact that part of your spiritual purpose for being alive is to grow, evolve and become brighter, more luminous, than you were before this delightful earth experience called life began for you.

Before we are born we create a “soul plan.”  This plan has at its very foundation the substance of resistance to reaching our dearest, most profound heart’s happiness.

Why?  Well, very simple.  Resistance creates growth.

Much like a weight training in the gym creates strength so it is with life.  Our problems hold within them, our prosperity.

As we begin to learn, then love our problems, we begin to blossom like a flower.  It is only through growth through a problem do we begin to “see the light,” and “be the light.”

One way to grow through problems is to understand where our emotional blocks are, then release them, one by one.

At times we do not release them.  These emotional blocks get stuck in our energy field, creating limitations.  Manifesting our desires, happiness, can only occur when we  release these scars.

As I searched for ways to better work with clients to release their scars, spirit revealed to me how to work with the energy centers in the body (Chakras) as windows to the soul.

In session, spirit would reveal to me the blocks then guide me to release them by channeling color, healing prayer and light.  Spirit also led me to essential oils.

One day while assiduously skimming through YouTube searching for a proven way to use essential oils to release emotional blocks, I discovered a technique called “Aroma Freedom.”

Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a clinical psychologist, quite ingeniously developed a way to combine clinical psychotherapy with essential oils.

He uses the ability of an essential oil to instantly re-frame a traumatic memory, from painful to powerless, eliminating its control over you.

His proven therapeutic system, “Aroma Freedom Technique,” is taking the world by storm.  After only one year of introduction, classes are being filled globally.

This alone is a testimonial to the efficacy of such methodology to begin living a life of freedom, leaving limitation behind.  I instantly saw the value and decided to plunge into their Certification Program.

Yes, it is possible to manifest your desires instantly when you are able to release the limiting beliefs, the emotional blocks, surrounding them.

You can move from limited to limitless in a second.


Spirit Medium Laura


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