CHAKRAs for Law of Attraction LOVE

CHAKRAs for Law of Attraction LOVE

SUMMARY: This page includes information about how the chakras are your energy system, reflecting whether you will or will not be able to use the Law of Attraction for love, Manifest Money or health in your life. As well, this page offers a FREE Video Documentary about how to use the chakras to manifest desires your life.

A radio show caller asked me whether she would be able to attract love in her life.  She had called the show several times and asked the same question over and over again.

I had worked extensively in private sessions as well on this same subject, yet she was very anxious as she had not yet secured a love relationship in her life.

Finally I was shown an energy pattern in her sacral chakra which had precluded her ability to attract love.  Even though we had talked about this before and healed it before, it still appeared that day during the radio show.

She had had a loss in the relationship with her father, which created a holographic memory pattern that still remained in her sacral chakra.

This day we again worked on it.

After this I made one more prediction about the latest man she had met to see if he would be the one. I learned later that week a prediction had come true about this man.

He did call her after not doing so over the weekend.  Now they have a date.  Let’s see what happens.

You may not realize it but your chakras actually contain all your energy patterns. When something is not working in your life, it will be reflected in your chakras.

Your chakras can hold a pattern even after it has ended in your life. It can hold the holographic memory of it. If you are having a problem in your life it is because this “holographic memory” is still playing.

The energy of that chakra will have to be reset to its correct frequency. This is what I do with my clients. Book a private session with me here to obtain this type of healing.

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When you work with a gifted clairvoyant s/he should be able to “see” inside your chakras and clear out what is there preventing you from doing or having what you desire.

While I am in trance, the chakras will appear to me. Angelic spirit guides will reveal the blocks you have right now. They could have come from parental abuse, rape, incest, soul contracts, past lives, scarcity issues, sexuality issues, love problems, communication of truth problems, personal expression issues and so on.

You name the block, the chakra will provide the answers.

Buddha silhouette along mandala

So you can try to use the law of attraction for love or to manifest money all you want. If you are not getting what you want your chakra will hold the answer.

CHAKRAs for Law of Attraction LOVEfor the layman.

After realizing the wonderful power the chakras have in healing an individual to get what they want, I thought about creating my own product to do this.

I do have products for the professional psychic on this, but not for the layman.

Then I found this wonderful system to do this for me. It is a product of high quality that I endorse.

It is a healing system geared toward the layman to help clear and heal your life at a deep, profound level so you can Manifest or use the Law of Attraction for love, money or health.

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