The Miracle Meditation

You can do all the law of attraction exercises you want but if you do not learn how to shift your emotions from negative to happy, you will not be able to attract good things. You will continue to attract negativity.

Law of attraction exercises do not teach you how to shift your emotions when you are not using the tool. Because no matter how wonderful the tool, (my favorite is hypnosis), when you are away from the tool that negative stuff just creeps up.

So what do you do when you start to believe your reality will never change and you will never get what you want? What do you do when that evil little devil jumps onto your shoulder and tells you it is impossible to get what you want?

You do this law of attraction exercise. I call it the Miracle Meditation, because it extract’s negativity from your mood like a surgeon’s scalpel extracting cancer from your body.

1. Take a deep breath.
2. Get in touch with the negative feeling(s).
3. Find the place or places in your body this feeling exists. You might feel uneasy in your chest, your stomach, or feel agitated all over your body. Look for a queasy or uneasy feeling.
4. Now see your feeling as something visual. It could be a dark cloud, an angry monster, a swarm of insects. Whatever your image, really feel and see it. There is no right way to see your feelings. Whatever comes to mind is correct.
5. See a beautiful, large gift box in front of you. The cover is off to the side of it.
6. Now visualize your negative feelings being sucked into the box filling it right to the top.
7. Cover it up.
8. Hand this box up to a higher power. This is the I AM, the omnipotent power which can do anything, including neutralize your negativity. As you hand it over say, “I now hand over my negative feelings to you.”
9. Some people see this power as God. However you define your higher power, ensure it is omnipotent, with infinite resources to resolve and heal all things.
10. Now ask for what you want. Just ask. In your asking, remind yourself that your higher power is capable of doing anything. Ask from the heart with feeling, knowing it is there for you simply because you asked.
11. If you do not believe what you ask for is possible, it is because you are asking for something too specific.
12. Ask instead that the situation be healed for the highest good and benefit of all. As an example, let’s say Gina has had money problems her entire life. No matter what business she tried, she always ended up with this monster of poverty looming over her.
13. Instead of asking to win the lottery, she asked the universe heal her money situation, all her beliefs about money and provide for her an affluent, comfortable lifestyle in whatever way the universe could provide this for her.
14. Do you see how it is easier to believe this will happen when you take away conditions on how it is done? This is very, very powerful.

© Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn 2010


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  1. I made a movie about this, would you consider checking it out and maybe leaving a message on what you think about it? (I left the url in the “website” box) thanks much!

  2. Hi Herman,

    Wondering how this website could be of service to students with learning disability needs. Thanks for your compliment.


  3. Cool. So when I move to Seattle again, we’ll have even more to chat about! No doubt, it will be interesting to see what comes of Feedjit…I’m sure your contributions will give it a much needed “front of mind” boost.

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