MENOPAUSE: Best Herbal Menopause Tablets

MENOPAUSE:  Best Herbal Menopause Tablets – You do not have to suffer in silence, nor be at the mercy of what the medical profession decides for you.

Just got off the phone with my sister.  She wanted to find out what herbal menopause tablets I am taking.  The reason?

  1.  She wants more control over her body.  The FDA just set a rule which requires two separate visits to the gynecologist.  One visit is to get her annual physical and the other is to get her bioidentical hormones.

Not only is that time consuming and inconvenient, it is more expensive.

2.  She wants to save money.  Following this method my monthly costs were cut in half.

Motion Capture of Lady on HillMy sister and I both are proponents of anti aging holistic remedies and life style.  Anything we can find to allow us to look and feel our best outside of the toxic pharmaceutical western medicine culture is for us.

I was forced to get away from my bioidentical hormone replacement therapy due to changing health insurance.  When my new gynecologist told me to get off all hormones because they were dangerous, I decided to give it a try.

I decided this not because I felt she was correct.  I did it because I wanted to see what it would be like to be without NHRT (natural hormone replacement therapy).

Well, for me it was lousy.  At first I felt like I was hit by a train.  Then as time when by the hot flashes and night sweats got so bad I was becoming largely dysfunctional.

I am a person who eats a Mediterranean diet (low inflammatory) largely focused on vegetables, am my correct weight and exercise daily.  As well, I take a multitude of whole food supplements just as insurance and some as actual help for an autoimmune disorder I have.

I have Epstein Barr, chronic fatigue syndrome, which caused a lowered immune defense.  That is another miracle cure I have found, described on another page on this website.

Here is what I take as best herbal menopause tablets.  I have tried many other things.  This finally gave me a symptom free, balanced feeling, healthy sexual drive and youthful appearance.

Ah!  I did not dry up after menopause into a frantic, wrinkled wench!

I take Peurarira Mirifica.  There is much written about this miracle herb from Thailand from the root of a bean plant. Dr. Christianne Northrup sells it from one of her websites.

It is extremely high in phytoestrogens, thousands of times more powerful than the soy plant.  I take about 100 mg a day.

This plant is so regenerating and anti aging I began to get my period again after taking it in higher doses.  My gynecologist checked me out.  No negative consequences.

After I lowered my dose to 100 mg a day I was and am fine.

Get Pueraria Mirifica HERE.  Costs pennies a day.

As well, I take Chasteberry Vitex.  I take about 1600 mg of this a day (4 capsules).  It is known to balance hormones, especially progesterone.

I found it made me feel relaxed, centered and balanced.  My mood is so mellow and even now.  No more crazy irritability and impatience.

Get HERE.  Costs pennies a day.

Disclaimer.  Of course, any medical decisions should be made in accordance with your chosen medical professional.  However, I did want to share with you here what I am doing which has been nothing short of miraculous for me.


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