ETHERIC BODY HEALING: Clear Karmic Blocks For Healing & Manifesting

Enteric body healing will clear the root issues behind illness, or inability to manifest successful living for you. This article goes into depth about this, offers an exercise and invites you to participate further.

ETHERIC BODY HEALING:  Clear Karmic Blocks For Healing & Manifesting

If you were to go to John of God in Brazil, you would be asked to return to your hotel room for 24 hours after a healing.

This is where the real healing begins.  The entities that work with John of God will come to you.  If you are clairvoyant you will be more conscious of the effect.

Etheric Body Healing
Energy is Everything When It Comes to Etheric Body Healing

Here is an audio of a Clairvoyant Medium who went to John of God in Brazil to study his work and report on it.  She discusses at 18 minutes into this video how the entities worked on her after her healing appointment with John of God.

Now you may be wondering why is Laura talking about John of God when this article is about Etheric body healing?

Because this is the real healing work the spirit entities do.  They do it with John of God patients and they do it through me in healing sessions.

I began channeling St. Ignatius Loyola over 30 years ago.  Recently I learned this is the same entity with which John of God works.  Actually it is his Master Guide.

I discovered this as spirit developed through me a Clairvoyant Healing sequence which addressed the Etheric body.

When the Etheric body is healed the physical body is healed.  As well, you can manifest desired goals in life with greater ease, almost effortlessly.

If you are having trouble reaching goals in life it is because your soul is out of alignment with your ego.  This type of healing will realign them to a perfect state of resonance.

When the soul and the ego are in resonance your miracles begin.

So how do we do etheric body healing?  There are many ways.

I work with clients one on one in a trance state to “see” the blocks, reveal them, then set a new vibration, and intention for a soul to ego integration.

I use the Chakras, energy portals to the soul, combined with intense color baths and channeled messages.  The chakras reveal where the misalignment is.

The work is a channeled work with St. Ignatius Loyola and other entities working through me.

You, as the subject of the healing, participate too.  While spirit will be revealing various blocks and aspects of self that are out of alignment in the 3D space of ego fear, you as the subject need to “see” this too and release it.

Your ego and soul participate then.  if you are not ready for some reason to heal, you will not heal.

Illness or blocks are there for our growth.  They can only work as we use them.

We on a soul or subconscious level agree to stay at lower energy frequencies of lack, suffering and limitation so long as we need to stay there.

We graduate or evolve to higher levels of health, happiness and perfection as we release the need for the illusion of lack.

We graduate as we actuate our potential!


Why is it some souls choose to stay back from realizing their full magnificence and potential?  It is because their potential frightens them.

It is the unknown, the leaving behind what is familiar.  Yes, I know this might sound ridiculous, but it is so.  Think of it like a death.

We as humans in this body are hard wired to want to remain where we think is alive and on earth.  It is because our ego finds the thought of death, deadly frightening.

So it is with healing.  Healing requires the ego relinquish itself to be something new.  It requires the caterpillar die to become the butterfly.

So this is why even with the entities, even with John of God, at times healing subjects do not heal.

Let us do a healing with you now.  (Channeled Healing from St. Ignatius Loyola)

Relax into a restful state.  Ask for your guides to come in to assist you.

Drink a full glass of water.  This help awaken the Etheric body for treatment.

As you relax and drink the water recite to yourself.

“I relax and relinquish control.  I allow the higher realms to work with me, to release that which is not me and allow my purest self, my healed self to emerge.”

Now lie back on a lounge or bed of some sort.

Mentally enter the groin area, your root chakra.  Ask yourself what you “see” there.

Do you see darkness, colors, light?

Do you feel tension, discomfort or churning?

Do you hear any words such as “you are helpless,” “unloved,” or “struggling.”

Anything you get is a nugget of self realization appearing before you to be cleared and healed.

See, feel or hear it now.

Release it.  The way to release this is very simple indeed.  Simply “wash” this groin area with the color red.  Make it light, airy and frothy.  Be generous with this energy bath.

Now replace it using prayer.  At this point it is time to say an affirmative prayer setting intention for the antithesis of the block you just discovered.

State, “I am now complete, secure and healed.”  This simple phrase can complete the self healing.

End of Channeled Healing Sequence.

When you work with an adept such as a Healing Medium like me, you will get detailed, personalized channeled prayers from the guides setting positive healing intentions for you, clearing your blocks.

MORE SELF HELP.   If you would like more help in self healing here is a recommended product I have found which works on a soul level to remove your blocks.  Simply add  your email here to see the free presentation about this type of healing to learn more.

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Recently I found someone offering similar service to mine for $1,500!  When you see my fees you will be surprised at the difference.

Maybe I should charge this much too.  Hmmmmn.  :)


Spirit Medium Laura



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