HOW TO USE A CRYSTAL BALL FOR BEGINNERS who want to heal or manifest a desire. Crystal balls are good to read the future as well. Learn more inside.

HOW TO USE A CRYSTAL BALL FOR BEGINNERS:  HEALING and MANIFESTING Suddenly I had this idea.  I had to find my mother’s crystal ball to do a healing on my friend.

How to Use a Crystal Ball for Beginners
Crystal Balls are not only beautiful, they are useful too.

She was suffering a broken heart at a break up.  The man she was in love with decided without warning he did not want to be with her any longer.

She was devastated.

This is how to use a crystal ball for beginners.

What I did with the ball.   I placed my hands on the outside of it about two inches away.  I pictured her in the ball.

I sent in with a strong desire the intention she be healed of any pain or suffering she had during this crisis.

As I was doing it I realized I could use a similar healing for a long term relationship I had which I wanted to release.

I placed myself in the ball next after finishing the last healing.  I placed my hands around the ball about two inches out.

I sent in the intention of healing my heart and allowing the break up to happen with a positive outcome and attitude.

As I worked with the ball an interesting thing happened.  I felt a strong energy between my hands and the ball.  I assume this is energy magnifying the intentions I was creating and sending to the universe to create.

A crystal ball is for magnifying intentions for manifesting and healing.  It is also for divination or psychic reading.

Later after the healing I was able to take action in my own life without pain or suffering.  I was able to let go of a painful relationship with love, understanding and acceptance.

My friend has not healed, yet.  However, I just did a healing on her again.  I have hope her broken heart will mend for highest good of all.

Here is a beautiful crystal ball I found on  Apparently there are crystal balls for all sorts of goals and uses.  I chose one here closest to the one I used today.


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