how to get over an emotionally abusive relationship. Focus on JOY. Begin every day to follow your inner voice about how to make yourself happy.


Have you ever been involved with another human being who is doing things to you that do not seem fair, perhaps seem controlling, overwhelming and just plain mean?

I have found quite often relationships take us over.  When this happens it becomes very, very difficult to get out of them.  We give our power away to another, become obsessed, distressed and confused.

Usually when we remain in an abusive relationship it is because some how or other we began to believe that the other person was responsible for our happiness or sadness, our survival or demise, our self esteem or self loathing.

Yes, an abuser does work to set it up this way.

BUT you do not have to remain abused.  You can take back your power, your happiness and your self esteem.

You can get un-brainwashed.  You can do this by slowing taking steps to bring yourself joy, not allowing any one else to bring it to you.

how to get over an emotionally abusive relationship
how to get over an emotionally abusive relationship

Most of us would like to blame the other person as the one who took our power away from us.  But getting out of these relationships, healing and moving forward has so much to do with seeing where, when and how we GAVE our power away!

It is extremely important then to work on your self, not on the relationship or the other person in it to get out of this downward spiral.   

Because if you continue to focus on the other person, what he or she did wrong to you, to hurt you, take you over, control you, abuse you, you remain trapped in resisting a faceless monster.

You never find the face of the monster, because the monster is you!  Yes, self abuse is the cause of you being in an abusive relationship, not the other person who is abusive towards you.

This may sound a bit tricky.  Yes, the other person is abusive towards you.  But you attracted the abuse because you wanted to learn how to love yourself better, how to move away from any abusive pattern you were in so you can heal.

So if you are in an abusive relationship STOP!  Begin to focus on what you really want in your life.  Then each day take steps to bring it to yourself.

Once you get this ball in motion, it takes on a life of its own.  Little synchronicities and miracles start to appear.

The universe seems to begin to support you, versus the other way around.

Here is how to do this exactly.

STEPS TO JOY in your life.  How to move away from abusive relationships and situations.

  1.  On a daily basis, ask yourself “what do I really want today that will bring me happiness.”  It is helpful to do this in a journaling format so you focus.  Without focus this cannot work.

2.  After you ask yourself, “What do I want today more than anything else today,” a little voice will go off in your head.  Write down what you hear.

3.  Then make an affirmation for this thing. Say the affirmation as often as you can.  Ex. “I am creating new friendships that support me.”

4.  Then make a mantra for the affirmation.  The mantra should be a two word instruction for the universe like “SEND FRIENDS.”  Say the mantra during the day when you are doing a meditation or something mindful like walking, driving or taking a shower.

5.  Then make a prayer for this thing.  Say the prayer as often as you can.  Ex.  “Dear God please send me loving friendships.”

Following this practice you will begin to unravel what it is you really desire in your life and begin giving it to yourself.

When you ask for JOY, joy finds you.  Never underestimate the power of spirit.  When you ask it responds and you begin to receive.

JOY Coaching.  This article incorporates the techniques channeled to me from spirit for JOY Coaching.  You can book your private JOY Coaching session with Spirit Medium Laura HERE.

JOY Coaching will shift you from HEALING to HAPPINESS by JUST OPENING YOU!


Spirit Medium Laura




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