HOW TO FIGHT LONELINESS and DEPRESSION: The Spiritual Way. When we are lonely it is a wake up call from our soul to synchronize our inner world with our outer world.


(Another TABOO subject from Laura!  Does she ever cease to open up the ugly?  Nope.  Read on.)

There is nothing wrong with feeling lonely and depressed.  It is a chance for growth, self exploration and evolution.  All pain can be taken this way.

The first step in fighting loneliness and depression is to know there is nothing wrong with feeling this way.  Any thoughts that it is wrong to feel this way, or that there is something wrong with you must be dismissed instantly!


Spirit tells me that loneliness and depression is simply your soul awakening you to a higher pattern or frequency in harmony with your true nature.  All loneliness and depression is due to being out of harmony with yourself.

CHANNELED MESSAGE.  How to Fight Loneliness and Depression.

We would like to say that loneliness is a state of mind, not a condition.  In other words when one is lonely, one is not in a set of conditions, but rather a state of attitude or thinking that one needs something to be not lonely.

This is not truth.  Truths states that loneliness is truely not possible if one has a relationship with soul and spirit.  Therefore, any state of loneliness that one believes to be true is only a state of mind, not condition.

The remedy for such belief or such attitude is to become your own best friend.  This is not to say that relationships with others outside yourself is not possible or desirable, however, when one is friends with oneself first, the relationships with others naturally evolve and thrive.

One can only be a friend with self if one is listening to the heart and answering it with life.

When one asks the internal source for direction and hears it, one must then fulfill it.

The more you do this in your daily life, hear your inner self, then answer it with action one will find that life begins to sing a new song, emanate a new tune for you.

What you found as lonely before begins to become fulfillment and self expression.  The life on earth is not lonely if one is being oneself.


To summarize, when you are feeling lonely, it is not because you are missing others.  You are missing a deeper, more authentic relationship with yourself!

Aha!  How shocking is this?  If you were to scour the Internet for answers to loneliness you would immediately find lists of how to keep busy, fill your life with this or that, etc.

Dealing with loneliness and depression is just the opposite.  If you desire a permanent, bliss filled solution the remedy is becoming less busy, and MORE attuned to your self.

When you allow your inner world to speak to you, you can begin to express it in your outer world.  Begin to listen to your heart, not your head.

Your heart will never mislead you.  It will always be there for you as your compass, offering you companionship through times of strife, loss and upset.

Your feeling nature is there to protect you, help you and heal you.

When you are dealing with loneliness, loss and depression take a time out to become familiar with your inner landscape.  Journal, take long walks in the woods, ask for guidance from your higher self, your soul as to what you want in life that you do not have.


Do not wait for another or for life to bring it to you!  Take the steps.  One of the first steps to take is to become familiar with what really resonates for you personally.

Quite often we fill our life, our self, with noise, but not substance.  When you feel lonely and depressed you have filled your life with noise.

Using the JOY Technique to Just Open You, the following steps can be taken to fight loneliness and depression and open up a new level of bliss harmonizing your inner and outer world.

1.  Take time each day to journal about what you really want in your life.  As you journal you might find you desire to have more self expression, more creativity, more money, a better job, more public exposure, even more friends that listen, talk and support you as you do them.

2.  Create an affirmation for this desire.  Ex.  “I feel loved and supported by myself and others.”

3.  Create a mantra for the affirmation so you can easily recite it during mindful activities such as walking or meditation.

Use this mantra during the day.  The mantra should reflect what you desire as if you already have it such as ME LOVE standing for the Affirmation, “I feel loved and supported by myself and others.”

4.  Pray when you feel most vulnerable and left behind.  Ask your higher power, God, for help in realizing your desire.  Always ask for what you really, really want and need, not for something that is nice to have.

A good prayer for this example might be, “Dear God please provide me love and support in my life.”

Spirit answers true, heartfelt, soulful desires, but does not answer “should haves.”  Emotion is the language of your soul.

The more true to yourself you are as to what you really want, the more you can fight loneliness and depression, evolving you to a greater sense of peace, joy and bliss in your daily life.


Spirit Medium Laura

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