HOW TO MANIFEST MIRACLES with KARMA RELEASE.  If you are suffering in a state of negative emotions it is time to ascend the the higher frequency of miracles using your control over karma.  Read on…

Channeling through Spirit Medium Laura.

Are you suffering?  Is there one person or situation that keeps coming up for you, like a repeating nightmare that just won’t go away?

You are living on the astral plane.  This is the plane of karma.  If you want to move to a higher dimension, a vibration of miracles, you will need to learn how to release karma.

Karma means cause and effect.  It does not mean punishment.  This is important for you to know as the first step in releasing it.

You have complete control over your response to someone or something affecting you.  You can be sad, reactive, vindictive, toxic, upset and negative.  This will perpetuate karma.

Or you can go to neutral.  You can use forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a term that is thrown around a lot in the material world, for it sounds good, like cleaning out a closet or washing the linen.

However, forgiveness is non of that.  Forgiveness is going neutral on a subject, meaning not reacting to it.

When you do not react to a situation or person that has inflamed you in the past, you begin to release your cause and effect or your karma.

So the first step to not react is to become aware you were reacting.  YES!  If you are upset about something in your life, you are reacting to it.

When we as your beings of light tell you to not react we do not mean you should become a robot.  We mean you should become conscious, aware and vigilant of the responsibility you have to be in the light or the darkness.

You do have control over the levers you push on yourself.

The next time you get upset about something, anything, ask yourself to calm down.  Go into the light.  The light will appear as a frequency of peacefulness and containment, a feeling of letting Go.

On earth vibration the easiest path to this feeling, this frequency, is through meditation.

Whatever you use, the first step is to realize this is happening to you.  Once you realize this then you can begin to let go of the response, the reaction.

We on the etheric plane [we mean the subtle energies of the universe, the fourth dyad]  seek to help you on the astral plane ascend to higher vibration and frequency, that which you call miraculous.

Where we live, we do not want for anything.  We are already everything.

The more you realize you are everything too, the more you will be ascending to the miraculous vibration of higher light, thought and realization.


The Ones Channeled through Spirit Medium Laura.

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Here is a great video by Dolores Cannon, the famed hypnotherapist, who in her hypnosis sessions met “The Ones,” (she calls them The Collective).  These beings, closest to God, taught her the truth about the universe, UFOs, The Other Side, Nastradamus, Atlantis, Lemuria, Alien Abduction, past lives, the nature of time, etc..

Everything I have learned from my connection to the collective, is validated by her teachings.

Here is one example.  She says the universe is infinite, no top side or bottom to it.  I was taught this as a teenager during contact with The Ones.

Here is a great video by Dolores Cannon speaking about Karma and how to release it.

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