Just got off the phone with a client.  She told me the wonderful story about how her mother in spirit is communicating with her and her daughter.

My client never heard from her mother after passing, except through me.  During a session we had her mother in spirit said she would set up a sign she would use to communicate with her.

This sign would be a rose.  I told my client if she ever sees a rose, hears the word rose, or even imagines smelling a rose, this would be her mother communicating from spirit to her.

Spirit communicated a sign to be used. This sign would be a rose.

Fast forward.  My client’s daughter had a dream that her grandmother came to her and said she would have a child which would be a girl.

Here is the evidence that spirit is real.

  1.  My client’s daughter indeed did get pregnant.
  2. She did have a girl.
  3. The due date was the same as her grandmother’s birthday!
  4. She named her baby ROSE but had never been told this was a sign her grandmother would use with her mother (my client) to communicate.

OUTSTANDING EVIDENCE!  I just love it when we can get this kind of strong validation from spirit.  It gives all of us a sense of how real spirit is.

Even as a medium at times I start to take this all for granted, doing what I am supposed to do like a machine turned on to receive.  The meaning of it all evades me.

This kind of story makes it crystal clear.  Spirit exists, REALLY!

I hope you read this story at a time when you need comfort, when you need a sign from spirit that something more exists, something divine, of which you are a part.


Spirit Medium Laura

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