Have you been trying to get something into your life, a big thing, like health, wealth or love and still come up with nada, niente, NOTHING!

It usually is the big things that are so illusive to attain.  You can stamp, stomp and struggle, but still that big ol’ pimple sits right on your forehead, staring at you in the mirror.

So what do you do when you have done everything you can think of to get what you want, need and desperately declare, yet still come up with nothing?

LET GO, LET GOD. Brown Egypt Statue
Let Go Let God, Spiritual Law of Nonresistance


Yes, at the very time when you feel most impassioned to cry, when you finally have hit rock bottom, you LET GO.

Letting Go is probably one of the most underrated tools you have available to you to live in a peaceful state of quiet bliss, protection and security.

This Spiritual Law, called the law of nonresistance, is right there in your life toolbox, yet it is is over looked.  Probably because it is so easy, so simple, so available.

You know, the old, “right under my nose, so I did not see it” syndrome?

So now that you are reminded today of this glossy jewel called LET GO, here is a brief over view of how to use it.

First fail.  Yes, lol!  Fail.  Try your best to get what you want using all the skills you have.

The funny thing about LET Go LET God, is that you are hard wired as a human being to try to get something by your ego efforts first.  It is only through failure over and over can you find the courage to truly LET GO.

Until then, you will keep trying and trying.

So the first step is to FAIL, and FAIL royally.

The second step is to ask.  Simply in a prayer, I find most effective when done with my eyes open, staring up for some reason, have a little talk with God.

Say, “Dear God, I need your help.  Please provide this or that for me.”

Say it and mean it.

If you do not mean it, if you do not need it, then don’t say it.  This only works when it comes from true feeling, need and surrender.

Step 3.  After asking in truth, go about your business as best you can.  Live your life.

Only take action if you are led by personal inspiration, coincidence and/or opportunity.

Do NOT try to make it happen.

That’s it.

Today I am going to use this law for something I am working on in my life to no avail.  Let’s see what happens.

I am keeping a journal “The JOY Experiment:  30 Days to a Life of Ecstasy.”  This experiment is now using the LET GO spiritual law.


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