Reading Tarot Cards for Yourself

Reading Tarot Cards for Yourself

As a medium it is difficult to get my own messages.  So if you are trying to get yours do not despair.

The reason it is difficult to read for ourselves is because we are not objective.  This clouds our ability to get what is being sent to us from spirit.

There are things you can do to get messages for yourself.  You can use a “blind” system of reading like a pendulum, reading tarot cards for yourself or similar cards and something spirit created through me call Soul Talk Magic.

Reading Tarot Cards for Yourself
Reading Tarot Cards for Yourself

Soul Talk Magic allows you to set up a blind system.  For example, you could set up a system that the color black means “no” and the color red means “yes.”

It you are reading for yourself you could write on one piece of paper “red.”  You could write on the other “black.”

Take the pieces of paper, fold each up into a square about the same size, place them in a box or bag.  Ask your question out loud, then place your hand into the bag or box to choose the paper to which you are drawn.

The answer will appear this way.

I have done this a few times in my life and found the results interesting.  As well I have tried reading tarot cards for myself.  Both worked a bit, but still left me confused.

The reason I bring this up in this article is to highlight something spirit brought to my attention of late.

I was told part of my charter on earth is to help others awaken their own intuition, their own gifts.

So from now on, whether in private sittings, or group settings, I will be including ways in which you can grow, awaken and begin to get in touch with your intuitive judgment.

Your intuition is your soul speaking to you.  Never underestimate its power.

If you are in touch with it, you can get warnings, guidance and become more abundant in your life.

A quick way to begin to awaken this inner voice besides the exercise mentioned above is to ask yourself where in the parking lot you should drive to find a spot.  Each time I now do this I am led exactly to the right location.

After doing it a while you can get very good at this.  Then you can begin to use it in the rest of your life for enhanced living.


Spirit Medium Laura


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