NUMEROLOGY: Master Number 11 Personality

Those with the numerology 11/2 life path number have volunteered to come in this life time to help humanity.

NUMEROLOGY:  Master Number 11 Personality

SUMMARY:  This article is the first of two about numerology.  This article will demonstrate how accurate numerology is by using my own life path number 11 as an example.  The next article will explain how to calculate your own life path number to learn a bit about you.

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master number 11 personality
Numerology Can provide Great Insight to Your Personality. My Master Number 11 Personality was so accurate I was speechless.

BORN INTO NUMEROLOGY.  My mother was an avid numerologist and astrologer, not to mention medium, psychic, master tarot reader, face reader, palm reader, etc.  I guess you could say she LOVED the intuitive arts.

One of the things she loved to talk to me about was my life path number and my astrological chart.  I always thought, “yeah, yeah, yeah!  Who cares.  This could not be valid.”

CONSCIOUSNESS CREATES REALITY.  Today I know better.  Modern physics is discovering that at a quantum level (smallest measurable level) the universe is actually connected through consciousness. Yes, the universe is conscious!

Another way to put this is that reality is cooperative in creating itself.  We do not live a dumb objective reality.  For example, physical matter does not exist until it is observed.

Therefore, the way I observe myself is the way I am.  Gee this sounds like the Law of Attraction, doesn’t it?

Reality is not objective.  Reality is not separate from you or I.  Reality is something that is being co-created at every moment in time.

Everything is consciously connected, including numerology and astrology.

Master Number 11 Personality – Video of me explaining master number 11 personality.

NUMEROLOGY 11 VALIDATED.  When I decided to research numerology for these two articles I found a description of my life path number so incredibly validating I was shocked.  I even started to cry for a moment.

The validation I found is that those with the numerology 11/2 life path number have volunteered to come in this life time to help humanity.

ONE OF MY MEMORIES IS EXACTLY THIS!  I have a memory that I was talking to my guides in spirit world.  They said I did not complete the work my soul had planned to do for humanity.

I was still needing to come back to finish this work.  I think it has to do with the idea we create reality.

If you are reading this article you might want to check out these pages on this website: Law of Attraction for Love and Manifesting Money.  They have more information about my work as a co-creator and how you can create too!

BACK TO NUMEROLOGY 11.  Here is an abstract to the article I found, a link to this source, and my comments about each relevant quality it explains.

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Using then a definition of my numerology 11 life path number here is what I found and my reaction to it.  The quoted material is in italics, my comments in bold.

The quoted material comes from this website:

Master Number 11 Personality –  MASTER TEACHER   –  KARMIC MASTER TEACHER

The Master Teacher, illumination, enlightenment, inspirational, idealism, intuitive, psychic abilities, channeling, poetry, art/artistic, symbols, expression, dreamer, revolution, drugs, alternate consciousness, mysticism, catalyst, prisoner, prophet, celebrity, highly energized, radical, sensitive, visionary, enthusiastic, creative/creativity.

Well here I am doing psychic readings, channeling, using symbols, writing poetry (Majored in English Literature in College), just wrote about what a dreamer I am in my journal this morning, feel like a prison at times, a prophet at times and creative at all times.

The Ruler:

Most of the planets on my astrological chart are in the 8th house of Neptune.  My mother always said that is the house of the occult.  Further proof that everything is connected. 

The Master Number 11 is usually called ‘the Illuminator’, ‘the Messenger’ or ‘the Teacher’, as those under the influence of this Master Number are here to be inspirational guiding lights, and their mission is to bring illumination to others and to help raise spiritual awareness.

Seems so. 

Master Number Numerology 11 people are very powerful and have volunteered to incarnate to help the human race.


Numerology 11 is an idealist in that they can see the bigger picture through revelations and intuition. Master Number 11 draws on the cosmic forces for inspiration and enlightenment, through pronounced intuitive and psychic abilities.

My signature book is “Soul Abundance.”  The inspiration and enlightenment of it comes through channeling, intuition and psychic abilities. So this is true.

All Master Numbers are powerful and have volunteered to come back to help the race. The pathway is often hidden and one must learn through experiences in both the outer and inner-worlds. 11 is a high vibration and needs to keep centered at all times. There is a tendency to sway from high to low;  Spiritual to Material; Material to Physical; Practical to Impractical.

I was once a millionaire.  Then lost it.  Swinging from high to low and back again is my thing!

Masons are taught that 11 is the most important number because with the possession within the 2 unites (equilibrium) one may come into possession of all things. 11 then becomes the priestly messenger bringing to all mankind the glad tiding of great joy.

11 and 22 are secret workers;  silent, aloof and alone. Their workshop is the cosmos and their tools the latent forces of Divinity residing in the heart of all life. 11 embraces the opposites in both Heaven and Hell which both vibrate to the number 11.

The upright columns before the entrance of every mystery temple, Masonic included, are synonymous of the power and purpose of 11.

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The next article will offer an exercise to get your life path number.


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