PLEIADIAN MESSAGE: Are Aliens Our Angels?

PLEIADIAN MESSAGE:  Are Aliens Our Angels?   Maybe in part.

Turns out I have been channeling Light Beings and have had interactions with them for my entire life.  I am a Starseed.

“Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth.  Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth.”  More at Sirius Ascension.

If you look up the characteristics of Starseeds  you will find developed psychic perception to be one of them.

This is nothing new or extraordinary as I believe most of modern spirituality is from advanced light beings many take as our Angels, Spirit Guides or Divine Beings.

They come to us shrouded in ways we will understand, accept and perhaps follow on the evolutionary path.

I had forgotten all about this until recently, when I had some time on my hands, decided to watch some videos on about scientific proof of extraterrestrials.

Wow.  If you are ever bored give that a try.  lol!

All these videos came right up, the most credible of them by Sherry Wilde.  She has recently written a book which is going to be made into a movie called, “The Forgotten Promise.”

When I listened to her speak I had a major realization.  What I had suspected about myself as an early volunteer to come to earth was paralleled in her experience.

A Starseed has come to earth to serve in the evolutionary effort of mankind, to be a champion of the “shift” from three dimensional thinking to fifth dimensional living and beyond.

This can be called the evolution from FEAR to LOVE, where your reality is just a mind shift away.  I have received many channeled transmissions, the total reflected in the book “Soul Abundance.”

They have called themselves, when I allowed them to do so and did not block the messages, The Great White Brotherhood, The Ones and/or simply Light Beings.

Their teachings are the same as Sherry Wilde states in her book “The Forgotten Promise.” Some of the teachings include,  “We are here to realize we are all one.   Our thoughts create our reality.  We are not limited in how and what we can create.”

I know my purpose on earth is to learn how to evolve from fear to love by learning how to create from thought projection.  Learning how to use the mind to create reality has been my life long fascination, effort and work.

So now I find Sherry Wilde who says so many things that I have either experienced or know to be true, but in her own way.

I have had many paranormal experiences since childhood which could be construed as “contact with aliens.”

One of which was during adolescence.  I went through a period when I would go to my room after dinner, finish my homework, then turn on some weird meditation music.

I absolutely LOVED this music.  It would take me on a blissful trip to “somewhere.”

Once on a “trip” when in this trance, I was informed by “some energetic message,” that the universe was infinite.   There was no end or beginning to everything.

Physical matter was constantly changing in all directions all the time to infinitely larger or smaller ratios to itself.

What seems to be fixed, solid and static in our experience is simply perception.  Reality is reassembling itself.

Because reality is a “rough draft,” not a fixed thing, you literally can think yourself into a new experience, a new dimension or a new reality where your thinking is fulfilled.

Modern physics is now speculating that reality as a quantum level is not fixed.  This means that as you see it, so it is.

What are you seeing in your reality?

This is one of the things I am supposed to be teaching others on earth, as I master it myself.  I must say, as I progress with this, life is getting easier.  I literally have found a methodology which works!

I call it The JOY Secret.   Now when I want something, I simply create a mantra for it, repeat this mantra in meditation over and over.  Then the reality shifts around me.

I have had huge shifts in the areas of love and money recently using these techniques.  I will describe more about this in future.

If I do not believe it is possible, it will never happen, of course.  But the more I learn about reality the more I realize anything is possible, and my beliefs have shifted with this idea.

I have included a video of Sherry talking from below.  You might enjoy it or reading her book, which I have linked above.

Remember, my friends.  We are all one.  We create with our thinking.  Nothing is fixed.  More to come on this subject.


Spirit Medium Laura


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