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Manifesting Abundance with The JOY Secret of SOUL WEALTH will help you:

1. LEARN your PURPOSE, your powerful prosperity. Let Go.

2. OPEN your SOUL, INNER WISDOM, INTUITION, CREATIVITY, your MAGIC, to become SELF DIRECTED, UNDERSTAND SELF BETTER. Open collective unconscious archetypes.

3. VISION your reality into being with greater ease. VIBRATE at a higher frequency, where manifesting is FLUID and FLOWS. Visualize with 3rd EYE.

4. EVOLVE to your highest, most powerful potential, actualized self, be all you are meant to be and more, where guidance, opportunities and destiny (GOD) leads you in flow. Engage your intuitive flow.

A story about manifesting abundance in my life.

Six years earlier I had been dumped by the LOVE of MY LIFE, had RUN through my million dollar portfolio and was carrying an extra 30 pounds of sagging sadness on my body.

As I struggled to know what to do, I fell to the floor crying in my bedroom, May 2010. This final crying tantrum helped me realize I had to do my soul work, this work of spiritual mediumship, healing and helping.

As I relaxed into my TRUE IDENTITY my miracles began to appear. Within four months, my income went up 400%!

“When you align with your inner core, YOUR SOUL, the MAGICAL FLOW of Guidance Opportunities and Destiny (GOD) appears, guiding you to greatness. This is SOUL ABUNDANCE.” More info follows.

MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE. Get FREE Webinar which explains how to manifest with The JOY Secret of SOUL ABUNDANCE.  Join MAILING LIST HERE.


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The JOY Secret:  MANIFESTING ABUNDANCE with the SOUL is a magical, channeled, spiritual system through Spirit Medium Laura, from St. Ignatius Loyola and a team of Spiritual Guides.

St. Ignatius Loyola began channeling through Laura over 30 years ago.  It was not until recently that Laura discovered this is the same master guide to famed healer John of God from Brazil.

This alone is a miracle.  Laura began channeling a spiritual guide who is the same guide to a healer so famous, people from all over the world go to him for miracle healing!

Spirit is very much alive and watching us.  We are NOT alone.

All of Laura’s work contains some of the healing to happiness aspects of this system.

The JOY Secret:  MANIFESTING with SOUL ABUNDANCE can help you:

  1. Live in the flow of bliss, miracles, joy. Live your dream life. Learn and Let go of Karma and systemic blocks.
  2. Open your soul’s higher frequency, your authentic self, the magical energy of your soul’s plan so you can feel peaceful, secure, exude charisma, do the work you love, get paid well for it, bring in relationships that are in harmony with you so you can
  3. Vibrate in harmonic resonance with the higher frequency of miracles and magic, effortlessly attracting conditions into your life. This allows you to manifest with greater ease, repair toxic relationships, attract your soul mate, get back your ex, let go of your ex, become a money magnet, enjoy your ideal body weight, etc. to
  4. Enjoy your GOD Flow (Guidance, Opportunities and Destiny), live intuitively, experience synchronicity and fulfill your life’s purpose.
  5. Recover from grief, loss and displaced self.
  6. “ManiFAST!” Help attain you want with greater ease with spiritual transformation, not manifesting!
  7. Karma BLAST! Help you release and transform systemic life problems (at times called Karma) to prosperity. Article HERE. Article HERE.
  8. Feel Alive, Aligned, Abundant.
  9. Live your passionate purpose.
  10. Be more peaceful, relaxed, grounded.
  11. Have FUN!
  12. LOVE more, FEAR less.
  13. Get inspirational, intuitive guidance from source.
  14. Talk to your soul and the souls of others!
  15. Overcome addictions and addictive behavior, relationships and karma.
  16. Increase your LUCK!

MANIFESTING with SOUL ABUNDANCE (The JOY Secret) happens when you L.O.V.E. your life:

1. Let Go, Let God. Hand your problems up to a higher power.
2. Open and awaken your soul’s dreams, desires and plan for this life time.
3. Vibrationally align with this.
4. Engage your GOD FLOW (guidance, opportunities and destiny)

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MANIFEST ABUNDANCE. Get FREE Webinar to learn how to manifest with SOUL ABUNDANCE (The JOY Secret).  Join MAILING LIST HERE.


BUY COMPLETE SELF PACED SOUL ABUNDANCE (The JOY Secret) VIDEO COURSE. Order COURSE 1: MANIFESTING MAGIC: The “Soul Abundance” Law of Attraction Secret about half way down this page HERE.

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