Spirit Communications: My Mother on Mother’s Day

It has been a long time since I tried to contact my mother in spirit world. My mother has warned about my younger sister’s health. I have to call her later to find out if she is alright.

Today is Mothers Day 2017.  I am going to try to get a message from my own mother in spirit.  Perhaps this message could be something of value to others.

Dear Mom,

I miss you.  Where are you now?  What are you doing?  What is the other side like?

Hi honey.  I was looking forward to seeing you today too!  I asked that you would ask for me.  I was wanting to speak to you.

I am fine and so is your father and Dominick.  We are all hanging out here in spirit looking for you and your well being.  Not to worry we are not worried about you just looking in on you and your sisters.

The little one is worrying us.  There are days she is not feeling well nor is she taking good care of herself.

She worries too much about things and then does not take action.  She is not well, particularly in her stomach, her lower abdomen.  Please call her today to see what is going on with her.

She is not taking care of herself and could fall very ill if she does not into it.

What do yo mean Mom?  What is wrong with her?

She is getting cramps in her belly at night and not paying attention to it.

Is this because of the Puerari Mirifica she is taking or something else?

She is taking too much of that stuff and it is giving her a headache and lower abdomen cramps.  It is not good for her.

OK, Mom I will call Carolyn to see what can be done.

Is there anything else you want to say to me or Susan?

We are all doing well is all we want to say.  Look under your pillow at night to see what we left you.

We are sending you memories of us all the time and they come in at night when you sleep.

We are trying to send you ideas about what to do with your back, your health and your money.

We are always looking out for all of you.

Love you!


NOTE:  I still have to call my sister, but will do so later today or tomorrow.  Right now have to run to an event I am doing today.

UPDATE:  I finally called my sister, the little one, yesterday.  She has a urinary track infection, and problems with her liver and intestines.  She has been trying to treat herself on her own using holistic remedies.

It is unclear if she has been successful, although she thinks she has.

She has taken an an enzyme for the liver and intestines.  She has taken something else for the UTI.  She continues to take the Pueraria Mirifica lowering daily does to 100mg.  She claims this is fine.

Not sure what to think as my younger sister is always sick with something.



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