SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR: 4 Steps to Prosper From Passion Online

Spiritual Entrepreneur. Newsflash. Your biggest problem is your biggest passion is your path to prosperity. Becoming a successful Spiritual Entrepreneur is one part resolving this and one part knowing how to create your business online from this.

SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR:  4 Steps to Prosper From Passion Online

Do you dream about switching from a employee to entrepreneur doing something you love to do?  Perhaps you are a light worker wanting a successful business online and offline.

I could not have imagined doing what I do now twenty years ago.  At that time I was dying in a toxic life style, working in a corporate job sixty hours a week minimum.

Spiritual Entrepreneur
Are you living a toxic life, dying in a corporate jungle?

The dark circles under my eyes reflected my mood:  damaged, hostile and unrequited.

I finally reached my goal to retire early as a millionaire.  While this goal seemed exciting at first, once I arrived at this status, I realized the emptiness of it.

Yes, emptiness!

What is the good of having not to work if you now have an internal bankruptcy so rich it overshadows every part of your existence?

I thought I was “hot stuff.”  I was married to a controlling male partner, struggling constantly with him to “express myself,” eating too much, and each day wondering who was I, what was my purpose in life.

You might find this amusing as now my identity is firmly expressed.  I was then a latent spiritual entrepreneur, fully endowed with all the gifts, skills and dreams.

Isn’t it perfect how I attracted a man who was controlling?  I felt he held me back, but I was the one holding myself back.

Wow.  When I think of what I was holding inside!  I had and now exhibit an ability to work with souls, helping people heal, awaken and realize their dreams.

Twenty years ago I hardly knew who I was.  Now spirit works through me to shed a light on others as it caste its light on me.

This light now stands boldly in front of me for you to see a path to realizing your potential.

Do you want a business based firmly on what you feel is your calling?  Perhaps you do not even know what your calling is?

Here is a plan to awaken to your calling, then realize it in a potential online and offline business.

Step 1.  Awaken to who you are.  Your biggest systemic life problem is going to be your soul’s service, your calling to self and others.

Write down what you feel most troubles you this life time.

Write down the dream solution you have about this.  This is your calling.

Step 2.  Study and create a solution to this problem.  I know this might sound overwhelming but this is the way to go from clueless to queue filled living.

You can only have spirit lead you(queue you) to your prosperous filled destiny if you start working on your biggest problem.

You do not even need to resolve your problem.  The start will unveil the solution eventually!

So if this problem is finding love from a desirable partner, then as you work on this issue, you will be led to the solution and make this your life’s work.

Your life work is your Dharma.

Everyone has a specific Dharma.  It is the work your soul planned for you to complete this life time for the evolution of self and others.

Step 3.  Express your solution into a process or steps.  Systematize your solution into steps anyone can follow.

This becomes your body of work, what you are essentially providing to others.

Communicating your solution is essential.  You can write a book on it, create a course on it and/or begin blogging or video blogging on it.

So using the above problem of “life long love seeker” you could have a solution to how to find love, how you did and others can.

This is your Unique Selling Proposition or what sets you apart from every other light worker or spiritual entrepreneur out there.

There are exercises to do all of this outlined in my course, “Creating Your Soul Business.”  It is Course #5 on this page HERE.

Step 4.  Start to market this solution.  This is the online spiritual entrepreneur part.

There is an easy way to get going on this by studying a proven system to make money online with information marketing. Gain access to the FREE Online Entrepreneur education.

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