PERSONAL BOUNDARIES WORKSHEET: The Magic of Personal Boundaries

PERSONAL BOUNDARIES WORKSHEET: The Magic of Personal Boundaries.

Personal Boundaries Worksheet. Sacred Mountain Essential Oil

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This past weekend I experienced a personal boundary issue with a friend of mine.

If you are a light worker you might find this happens to you. Your personal boundaries are constantly being challenged.

You might expect you should “fix,” another. Perhaps they want to simply have you “fix” them. What ever the “fixing” relationship is, the result is mayhem.

A personal boundaries worksheet can help you reveal what you can control so your entire life shifts.

No one can fix you or them. All healing is done by the self.

So the first step to attaining the magic of personal boundaries is to realize you, as the light worker cannot “fix” anyone else, but you can “fix” yourself.

The first step to fixing yourself is to love yourself, give yourself the things in your life you do not have.

The catch is this.  If you have been working on yourself and not attaining what you want, you become vulnerable.  Literally your energy field, your power field, becomes open, weak and vulnerable.


  • Sally has been having trouble attracting a love interest into her life at middle age after losing her husband to cancer.  The men she was meeting seemed to not be interested.
  • They did not treat her chivalrously.  She felt unattended, unattractive and basically overlooked.
  • She decided to take a break from dating for a while to recharge her own battery.  She went to a week long Yoga Spa Retreat to recharge, renew and refine her inner landscape.   She had gained a bit of weight and neglected herself during the stress of her husband’s illness.
  • At the spa she meets a man.  The both of them become good friends.  He is very interested in her and she in him.  Their relationship blossoms into more.

What is the moral of this story?  It is important to take care of yourself first before you try to engage in any relationship with another.

The more you covet yourself, the more you will attract those who covet you.

Love begets love.

I find at times my friends and clients have a superficial idea of what self care is.

An example of this might be getting a manicure to nurture the self, yet encouraging diabetes because of poor diet, no exercise and inadequate health habits.

So the first step in setting great personal boundaries is to set authentically loving boundaries with yourself to meet your goals.

Think about what you want in your life.  What are you doing to get these things?

If you feel stuck, like you cannot get what you want, perhaps you are blocked.  Taking a break, perhaps getting an Aroma Freedom Technique healing, or talking to a counselor could help.

Here is a quick PERSONAL BOUNDARIES WORKSHEET to help you with this.

  1. Take a 15 minute meditation.
  2. With a pen and pad, journal a bit on what is bothering you in your life.  What things do you want to fix, but do not seem to have the power to fix?
    • For Sally it was getting love from another.  What she did have control over, was self love.  Instead of working on getting love from another, she gave herself some love.
  3. Think about your own life.  What do you want in it that you have tried and tried to get, but don’t seem to have any power over?
  4. Now think about other things in your life you have been putting off.
    • Perhaps it is cleaning out your closets to organize your home better, make it more livable and feel comfortable within.
    • Maybe it is taking a vacation or
    • losing some weight or
    • starting a new hobby you have been putting off or
    • placing yourself on a budget or
    • learning a new language, etc.
  5. Now add this into your life right now, immediately!
  6. DO WHAT YOU CAN DO.  The bigger stuff builds upon the smaller stuff GUARANTEED!
  7. Take a moment to breathe in an essential oil to help you move forward in doing the smaller stuff.  Here is one I found from Young Living I think is wonderful for doing what you need to do for yourself.  Get SACRED MOUNTAIN HERE.
  8. Then DO IT!

If you are having trouble setting personal boundaries it is all about the love.  Love yourself first.

When you are nurtured, rested and good, it is much easier to lovingly say to another, “no,” and still remain harmonious with them.


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