BLAST the BLUES! Essential Oils for Depression

Essential Oils for Depression.  Spiritually Inspired Ways to Blast the Blues and Overcome Depression, Grief, Sadness and The Blues – List begins below.

Essential Oils for Depression
Fragrance is more than something that smells good. Essential Oils for Depression

THE LIST.  Spiritually Inspired Ways to Blast the Blues and Overcome Depression, Grief, Sadness and The Blues

  1. Ask for forgiveness.  Spirit suggests that when we are sad, we are angry with our self for something.  What do you feel you have done wrong and could have done better?  Forgive yourself for it.  This may sound difficult, but it really is easy.  You can simply say, “I forgive myself for xxx.”
    1. It is especially helpful to breathe in a Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil for depression when doing this exercise such as Release from Young Living.  Oils will rewrite the emotions surrounding memories, allowing a new you to emerge.  Contact me for this oil at 954 465 7338 or buy Release HERE.
    2. Get an Aroma Freedom healing session.  Read about this HERE.
    3. Here are the steps to Blast the Blues with forgiveness of self.
      1. Make a list of what you are angry at yourself about.
      2. Essential Oils for Depression.  Get a Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil ready for clearing negative emotions to replace with peace.  Examples include:  Young Living Stress Away, Lavender, Frankincense, Release, Inner Child and/or any that make you feel relaxed, comfortable and happier.  Buy any of these oils HERE.
      3. Go into a memory of what you did to make yourself angry.  Could be several things.  Use the list to prompt your memory.
      4. While in the emotions of the memories breathe in your oil of choice.  It is most effective to rub a few drops into both palms of your hands and breathe the oils.
      5. Set an affirmation such as, “I AM making better choices in my life and the lives of those around me.”
  2. Open up a good book, movie or game and engage your mind.  Focus can help clear the head and heal the heart.
  3. Breathe.  Deep breathing connects you to your physical form.  This connection allows you to feel happier.  Same is true for exercise, as it raises endorphins.
  4. Essential oils for depression.  There are many essential oils to clear the head of sadness simply by breathing them such as Young Living’s Joy, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Jasmine, Frankincense, Lemon.  Buy any of these oils HERE.
  5. Sit silently for a moment and listen to nature, especially helpful during a sunrise or sunset.
  6. Open up your heart to love.  Ask spirit to show you who you can love more and give that relationship more love. Don’t be surprised if spirit says you are the one needing more love.
  7. Volunteer to help another with their life.
  8. Be accountable to yourself.  What do you want to do today that would bring you fun or nurturing?  Do it.
  9. Light a candle and say a prayer.  Candles are very healing in their nature of being a symbol of transformation.  Essential Oils for Depression can be added to your candle.  Some suggestions include Neroli or Rose Essential Oil.
  10. Ask God for help.  Don’t forget.  Spirit God is listening and ready to help you whenever you are in the dumps.  But you do have to ask for help.  Ask for a sign or symbol about what to do next, how to solve this dilemma or simply just ask for help.
  11. Book a private session with a reputable Spirit Medium who can get you closer to your own connection to Source.  Book with Laura HERE.


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