Advisement:  Spirit Medium Laura provides the highest quality clairvoyant medical medium services available today in compliment to, but not replacement for, licensed professional advice, healing and treatment.    This message covers entire website and service.


SUMMARY:  This page will reveal how Spirit Medium Laura has solved a myriad of health problems for herself and others, how she uses the chakras as part of her healing sessions and offers you a FREE VIDEO DOCUMENTARY to begin your healing journey with the use of the Chakras.  The FREE Video Documentary is at the very end of this page.

BACKGROUND.  I use chakras to see and access healing of the psychological spiritual issues surrounding health and manifesting issues for the individual as well as do medical mediumship, holistic health coaching and energy healing.

Not only am I a gifted Medical Medium, I am also a Certified LEAN Health Coach.  As well, I have alleviated myself of the symptoms of several illnesses for which medicine has no remedies.  The most notable illness was frequent virulent upper respiratory infections and chronic fatigue from Epstein Barr.

I remember working with a client a while ago who wanted me to help her with weight loss.  During her session I was told by my Spiritual Guide she should drink fresh squeezed celery juice.  We both thought it rather odd.
I was so happy to receive validation of this after reading, Anthony Williams, book, “Medical Medium.”  Apparently his guides and my guides are talking to each other.  :)

One of the most notable aspects of my work as a Medical Medium is the fact my Master Guide is St. Ignatius Loyola.  When I began channeling this guide spontaneously over 30 years ago, I did not know who this guide was or why he was with me.

All I knew is I began channeling him without doing anything except asking that “my guides come in,” as per the advice of a highly reputable psychic I had visited at that time.

As I became aware of my ability to “see” clairvoyantly right into the body as well as hear diagnosis directly from spirit spoken into my ears I found out inadvertently that St. Ignatius is the same Master Guide to famed healer John of God from Brazil.

Now how’s that for validation?

I have always had a strong interest in health and nutrition.  My parents were holistically inclined health nuts and raised me this way. 

I was going to be a doctor, however, at that young age, when I discovered what it meant to become an MD, I shied away from it.  I did not have the money for school, the belief in a symptom oriented medical system, nor the motivation for that type of draining educational process.

So here I am years later interested in health, nutrition, diet, exercise and holistic remedies.  I became a Certified Dr. Bill Sears LEAN Health Coach to cap that interest with a credential.

I have found miraculously I have been able to “heal” myself of many illnesses with natural remedies and adore working with friends, family and clients to do the same.

It is important to know that healing is a spiritual process too.  I can recommend you do this and that, however, if your soul is not on board with the agenda, if there is a larger plan in place, there will be no physical healing.

While I usually can see your “psycho spiritual” blocks to healing by viewing them in your chakras and attempt to release them with your help, your soul is in control, not me, nor your ego.  However, these tools do exist for you to heal.

Just wanted to let you know the reality of this.  Holistic healing is not like you take a pill and you are healed.  There are many levels to healing all connected.

Here are the problems I have healed in myself or at least for which I have found a significant relief.  The solutions are linked to places for purchase.

  1. Reverse Receding Gums – Gingivitis.  Products I used.  Tee Tree Oil, Antibacterial Mouth Wash, Dental Floss and the Braun Toothbrush.  My gum disease is reversed.  I now only get regular cleanings every 6 months where before I had to have Periodontal cleanings every 3 months.
  2. Epstein Barr Chronic Fatigue. My immune system was so compromised I would get sick for four to six weeks four times a year with a virulent upper respiratory infection.  After working on this for three to four years I finally found a solution.  Now I rarely get sick!  This past winter everyone around me got the flu.  I got the sniffles and was well a day or two later.   A MIRACLE!   I take:  Lauricidin (Monolaurin), System Well, Fennel Seeds, Dannon Active.
  3. Herpes Home Remedies.  Lauricidin (Monolaurin) has been medically proven to help with Herpes infections of all sorts.
  4. Vegan Weight Loss.   I switched to vegan to improve my health when trying to “cure” the frequent illnesses I had.  Unexpectedly 15 pounds of chubbiness suddenly slipped off my frame revealing a new, beautiful lean me effortlessly!  Here’s a book to help.   Happy Herbivore Plan for Weight Loss. 
  5. Lower back, hip and knee pain.  I am still working on this one but do see significant improvement.  My sister thought she needed a hip and knee replacement until she got a piece of equipment which repaired her body at home!  I got one too and my hip and knee pain significantly reduced.  Here is more information about KYROBAK.   It works if you give it time to work.  I would take that into consideration if you read the reviews.
  6. Reverse Aging.  Stem Cell renewal.   I bought this product.  In about ten days (where I am now) I noticed something unexpected.  My facial skin was clearing up, moist, plump, rosy, even in color and wrinkles were disappearing.  I suddenly did not need makeup to cover up flaws.  My complexion was getting perfect.  Mind you I am in my 60s!  I told my neighbor about it.  She is now trying it for her Eczema.  We’ll see if if works for her.  I expect it should help with my lower back, hip and knee pain as it literally repairs the body.  Here is a credible review and info on this product.
  7. Eczema.   In the research I have done cure for Eczema is a combination of minerals, flora and B vitamin deficiency.   Here are the recommendations I made to my friend. 


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