HOW TO DISCOVER WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.  The JOY Secret is all about discovering what you really want and asking for it.

Knowing what you want is the magical elixir of having what you want.  If you have been trying to manifest “things” in life and they are not happening it is because you are asking for ego based goals, not soul based desires.

Quite often we will block our true feelings because we are afraid of failure.  This is the fearful ego stepping in to protect us.  But while our ego might protect us from failure, it also blocks us from BLISS!

So it is imperative to know what you really want, not what you think you can have.  Then you have to ask for it.

If you do this you start to live at a higher vibration where things fall into your lap.  You follow the flow of events and are led up the ladder of vibration to bliss.


HOW TO DISCOVER WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.  Last night I had one more reading after the radio show.  This lovely woman wanted to know why she felt so disconnected from self.  She didn’t know what she wanted in life.

She felt listless, not alive and not happy.

Through a series of spiritual psychic insights we were able in 15 minutes to discover why this was so and give her a healing.

Spirit said that she had had a big failure earlier in her life.  She had wanted to become something special, which felt to me like an athlete.  She had done a lot of preparation and training for it.

However, even though she had put in all the effort, it had not worked out for her.  (She confirmed she had wanted to become a model.)

Her ego jumped in to protect her by numbing her wanting anything.  Her ego did not want her to become disappointed again.

What was needed here was a way to find a new goal that would be just as exciting, rewarding and nurturing to her soul as becoming a model so she could regain the passion and purpose she had in her life.

Spirit gave her various suggestions and as well, offering The JOY Secret to support her efforts as she moved forward.

The JOY Secret Steps.

  1. JOY Journal about what you really want in life, how you really feel.  Journaling is an excellent way to give our soul a chance to speak to us.  With daily practice what we really want begins to surface.
  2. Open AMPS.
    1. Affirmation.  You create an affirmation for this desire.  Ex.  “I AM living my passionate dream to work in the media.”
    2. Mantra.  AM MEDIA.  The mantra is a two word summary of the affirmation to be used through the day when you are meditating or doing mindful activities.
    3. Prayer. Ask God, or your higher power for help in achieving this goal when you feel a lot of pain.  Pray from the heart, from your feeling center.
    4. Steps.  Take steps that are laid in front of your through lucky coincidences, intuitive hunches or motivations to do.
  3. You emerge.  With daily use of this process your deepest desires begin to sprout, then grow in your life, creating a new level of JOY you did not imagine was possible before you began this practice.


My client’s goal to be a model was a soul goal because it ignited her passionately.  It contained her deep desire to be expressive, have adventure and be part of the creative media culture, which she adored.

If she desired to be a model because she did not feel good about herself and needed outward authority to approve of her looks, this would be considered an Ego goal motivated by fear.

EGO is fear.  The ego might want you to become a model so you look good to others.  This is coming from the FEAR you are not good enough.

SOUL is love.  The soul might desire to become a model because it provided adventure, expression and creativity.  This is coming from the LOVE you have to be in a creative field.


MIRACLES come from pursuing what you really want from a soul perspective of love, not the ego place of fear.

When you do, spirit will rush in to support you with LUCK!

Yes, LUCK, as trite as the word might sound, is spirit supporting you on your journey through life.  When you begin to pursue soul goals, you begin to see magic take hold of your existence on earth.

There is a great book called, “Dying to Be Me,” by Anita Moorjani.  This books describes the near death experience of Anita almost dying from cancer.

Spirit said to her while she was having her near death experience, that she would heal if she simply chose to go back to earth and live out the rest of her life.  After deciding to come back to complete her life, she healed even though modern medicine did not have the tools to heal her.

This story is documented in many medical journals.

Spirit creates everything we see, feel and hear. 

What we think is a fixed physical reality is not static, it is an active expression of our desires on the canvas of life.

If we ask for what we really want, not what we think we can have, we begin to use the canvas the way it is intended.

Reality is a blank canvas upon which we paint.  We can paint anything into reality so long as it is a desire from our soul, not our ego.

The more we create our reality from spiritually inspired goals, the more we prove God is creative consciousness.

Evolution happens when we begin to paint our desires onto the canvas of life.  This creative practice is our expression of God consciousness.

When we listen to our dreams, amplify them with affirmations, mantras, prayer and steps, we prove God and evolve to higher levels of JOY.


Spirit Medium Laura

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