The RED Dress: How Clothing Affects Your Mood and Behavior

The RED Dress: How Clothing Affects Your Mood and Behavior.

This article illustrates another aspect of The JOY Secret.  What we wear on the outside can affect how we feel on the inside.  Clothing can literally shift our mood, and then our behavior.

Here’s a little story.  My sister gave me a dress when we met last Sunday at the place we do ballroom dance.

I was wearing a respectful, mediocre, fit in with the crowd, within my comfort zone outfit that day.

But, oh, my sister brought me two very tight red dresses she did not want to wear any longer.  So I tried them on.

As soon as I tried on the one shoulder skin tight one  I felt “hot,” exciting, daring and ignited.  Instead of removing the dress, I decided to leave it on despite a bit of a stomach paunch at my waistline.

I did not care.  I felt HOT!

Off I went from the ladies room to our table looking, no HUNTING, for my next dance partner.  I was lit up!

A “hustle” came on and I grabbed the first partner I could find.  Off I went onto the dance floor in a fury.

Thirty whirling dervish turns later, the people at a table next to where I danced gave my dance partner and me applause when we finished.

“The RED dressed” me felt I deserved it.   I was WILD!

The rest of the evening continued in this way.  A man asked for my phone number.  An accomplished dancer complimented my dancing.

I simply felt POWERFUL!

The photo below taken of me illustrates my point.  Notice the wild look in my eyes?  The RED Dress did something to me.  It lit me up.

(My sister is the beautiful lady in this picture at far left.  Her husband is the tall man to the right of her and to my left in this picture.  He is the man I danced with to get the applause.  The man farthest to the right in the picture is a friend of mine.  )

How Clothing Affects Your Mood and Behavior
How Clothing Affects Your Mood and Behavior

So what we wear on our body, what we wear on the outside, can affect what we feel on the inside, thus changing the experiences we attract in life.

You want to be happy?  You want to have more JOY in your life?

Well EXPRESS, DRESS and fling your TRESSes like you are joy filled.

Feeling good inside starts at times by feeling good outside.

A simple idea, but often misunderstood.

So I ask myself (and suggest you ask yourself) what can I do today to empower me, make me feel great on the inside from something I do on the outside?

I did ask myself that yesterday and went out clothing shopping.  I began choosing more confident clothes.  Went home with a barrel of feminine, flirty, flimsy stuff.  Felt great!

The RED Dress is an example to me of how what I wear literally and figuratively will shape my experience.

DRESS for SUCCESS took on new meaning to me.  It is more than how others will see you.

Dressing for success is how the clothes will change how you feel about yourself, how you see you!

Change the facade, the interior follows.

Most of us think we have to change the inside first.  NO.  Today try changing the outside first and see how you feel on the inside!

If you do not have a lot of money, there are always ways to get this done inexpensively.  You can go to a Thrift Store and mill about.

You can go to a make up counter at an upscale department store and allow the cosmetics sales person demonstrate some new make up on you.

You can get a  free consult from a friend on how to wear your hair, what hair style and color is most flattering for you, etc.

If you do not care what you look like or what you look like does not affect you, that is fine.

There are other ways to get The RED Dress affect.  For some it could be the car you drive, or the home you live in or the food you eat, or the work you do.

My home is a modest place, however, I have found the more I am beautifying what I do have by

  1. organizing it,
  2. throwing out what no longer serves me (like old clothes),
  3. cleaning it and
  4. simplifying the colors and design within it, the better I feel inside.

Similar results can be obtained by taking care of your body.  I am a fitness, health nut.  Why?  Because when the vehicle is in great shape so is the soul.

If you are sick, hold bodily toxins, you probably will have ongoing depression.  With me it is even a bit more than this.

If I am over weight, out of shape, I as well feel depressed.

Pick your magic, my dear friends.  Pick your magic.

These ideas are part of The JOY Secret.


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