How to Cope With Loneliness At the Holidays: Channeled Healing

How to Cope With Loneliness At the Holidays:   Channeled Healing.

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INTRO:  I was going to talk about this spectacular sitting I had the other day with a client and her mother in spirit, but when I researched the number of people trying to discuss this same subject on the Internet, I decided to pass.

For those who doubt individual conscious survives after physical death this sitting provided some compelling evidence it does.  I brought in a mother who said she had sent her daughter a rainbow over and over again in various ways.

(I was a bit confused by this, not knowing what it meant, but dutifully delivered the message anyway.)

Indeed her daughter had seen a rainbow right after the death of her mother and had wondered if it was her mother sending that to her.  Great validation!

However, rather than write about this, I decided to ask spirit what is most important for you to know today.  They said, “How to Cope With Loneliness At the Holidays.”

So here I am about to launch into some channeled wisdom for those of you who might find this time of year challenging, especially if you have had a loss of a loved one to spirit or any type of lost relationship.

Perhaps you are the kind of person who always finds yourself alone and this time of year amplifies this condition.  This channeling might be helpful to you as well.

How to Cope With Loneliness. Woman Looking at Sunset
How to Cope With Loneliness

Dear Spirit what do you want to say about How to Cope With Loneliness At the Holidays?

Loneliness is a condition that is made up.  It is not real.

No one on earth is alone, really.  It is the illusion of being separate that creates the illusion you are alone.

Yes, at times you have a stronger bond with one person versus the other, however if you understood, each and every soul is part of the whole, the greater good, the ambient all that is, you would understand that no one is truly ever alone.

Now that we have said this, we hope you understand that you are not being peered upon by us, or that we are checking you out.  You can have privacy of course.

What we meant by this is that when one realizes their energy is part of everyone else and that you are connected via a flow of energy, you realize that isolation and the experience of being alone is a subjective one that can be corrected by first knowing it is an illusion.

Secondly you need to get something going in your life that reaches out to others.  Usually this is in the form of some creative event or endeavor you do that helps another.

If you do something that is not creative (i.e., not from the soul) you will not experience relief.  It needs to be an expression of self from the highest realm that offers another the illusion of retrieval from fear to love.

(“The illusion of retrieval from fear to love” means, the spiritual experience of being helped by you so to speak.)

When you engage in helping another you will find that the world seems a bit better for you, immediately.

This begins the process of removing the illusion of being alone and reconnecting to the One Source of God.  When one can connect to this greater good through service, one will “know” in an experiential way the idea that one is part of all the energy, not separate.

So service, dear ones from the heart, using a creative part of yourself to help another, will help yourself ultimately too.


Hmmmn.  That is very good advice.

Spirit Medium Laura

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