EASY WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM. The easiest way to eat to feel full, have more energy, age slower is revealed in this easy weight loss system for life.

EAT MORE WEIGHT LESS – EASY WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM for LIFE.  Yep.  It might shock you but the easiest way to lose weight for life is to eat MORE.  Eat more fiber.

When you focus on fiber in your diet you will automatically lose weight, maintain your weight for life with ease.  It can help prevent disease.

It is a very simple formula.  Three quarters (most) of what you eat all the time, every day, is FIBER!

CLIENT STORY.  A couple of weeks ago I had a private session with a young man of 18 years old.  He was over weight, a tragedy in his mind!

He asked me, “Will the diet I am about to start work to help me lose weight?”

Spirit answered through me, “No.  Diets don’t work.”

What does work?  An easy weight loss system that works for life  must be flexible, satisfying and delicious.

It should allow you to live without feeling hungry or deprived.

MY SYSTEM, the one I have been using for years, is HIGH FIBER, LOW FAT.

3/4 HIGH FIBER in the form of greens, fruits.

1/4 LEAN PROTEIN including complex carbohydrates and modest amounts of GOOD FATS.


1. Protein includes wild fish, free range fowl, grass fed beef and organic vegetarian or vegan proteins such as combined complex carbohydrates like brown rice and beans.

2.  Good fats include Omega 3 fats (from wild fish, free range fowl, grass fed meat), fats as they are found in their source food like nuts, seeds, coconut, avocado and olives.  Add very little to no refined oil to your foods even if it is good oil.

3.  Complex carbohydrates are starchy vegetables like beans, legumes, sweet potatoes, whole corn, brown rice, whole grains, etc.  If you are gluten sensitive then of course avoid grains containing it.

MINIMIZE DAIRY.  Dairy is minimized in this approach.  As it can create many problems with your body from inflammation, thus triggering weight gain.

INFLAMMATION CAUSES WEIGHT GAIN.  Eating a high fiber, low good fat diet automatically lowers inflammation in the body.  More on relationship between weight gain and inflammation HERE.  More on link between inflammation and fiber HERE.

WHAT IS FIBER?  There are two types of fiber soluble and insoluble.  Here is the difference and how to get each in your diet.

  1. Soluble.  Absorbs water as it passes through your digestive track.  Found in foods like oatmeal, nuts, beans, apples, and blueberries.  Beans and legumes contain both soluble, insoluble and resistant starch.
  2. Insoluble.  Does not absorb water.  Great, detailed article on Soluble and Insoluble fiber is HERE.
  3. Resistant Starch.   Resistant Starch is a third form of fiber that helps you feel fuller longer, boosts metabolism, burns fat, quickens digestion.  Type 1 Resistant Starch is found in grains, beans and legumes.  Type 2 Resistant Starch is found in some starchy foods like raw potatoes and green bananas.  Type 3 RS is found in cooked then cooled whole grain pasta, potatoes.  Type 4 RS is man made.  May be a miracle in your quest for easy weight loss.  More info HERE.


  1. GAIN HEALTHY WEIGHT.  Maintain a healthy weight.  Makes you feel full, satiated and content without starving yourself.
  2. IMPROVE IMMUNE FUNCTION.  Creates good flora in your digestive track which improves immune function, lowers body inflammation.  Both soluble and insoluble fiber should be included in diet.  More on that below.
  3. IMPROVE DIGESTION, especially with faster pass of food through digestive track.  No more acid reflux!  No more constipation if enough water is added to diet.
  4. LOWER DISEASE.  Studies have been done which reflect a high fiber diet will lower blood pressure, cholesterol, help prevent diabetes, reduce risk of cancer,
  5. INCREASE LIFE SPAN.  “Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health recently found that people who often ate fiber-rich cereals and whole grains had a 19 and 17 percent, respectively, reduced risk of death—from any cause—compared to those who noshed on less fiber-heavy fare.”  Taken from Eating Well.
  6. DETOX.  When you detox your skin, gums, eye clarity, body odor, energy levels are at their optimum.  A toxic system will make you tired, sluggish and out of sorts.  Body toxins are the “flame to the tinder” for disease.  Fiber helps the body eliminate all toxins from system.
  7. LOWERS INFLAMMATION.  Eating a high fiber diet helps lower body inflammation.  Inflammation is the root of disease in the body and weight gain!  More HERE.

I was trying to lose weight using “The Starch Solution,” approach, posited by Whole Plant Foods guru, Dr. John Macdougal.    As I loaded up on potatoes, whole grain pasta, and other starches, but my body weight went up, almost immediately.

To be fair, Dr. Macdougal does say that if you want to lose weight emphasize green leafy vegetables in the starch diet.

When I went back to my past way of eating, high fiber, low added fat, I immediately dropped five pounds.  My stomach, which was bloated all the time eating a starch based diet immediately flattened.

There are other things I did as well so read on.

Here is a picture of me after applying this EASY WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM.

easy weight loss system
Notice how slim my waist is after applying this easy weight loss system.


Another name for high fiber low fat is a low glycemic diet.  This in my opinion is the healthiest, most anti aging, way to eat.

You can make it Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian (fish) or Carnivorous (meat) if you like.

LOW GLYCEMIC DIETS.  Here are some well known approaches to dieting that are low glycemic.

PALEO.  “The carbohydrates (unlimited fruits and veggies) in The Paleo Diet are of a low-glycemic index, meaning that they cause slow and limited rises in your blood sugar and insulin levels. ”  Taken from

MEDITERRANEAN DIET.  This article, “How a Low-Glycemic Diet and Mediterranean Diet are Nearly the Same” explains how the Mediterranean Diet is nearly the same as the Low-Glycemic diet.  Article HERE.

OTHER FAMOUS LOW GLYCEMIC DIETS.  The ZONE DIET, The South Beach Diet, The High Fiber Diet,

What is LOW GLYCEMIC DIET?  Basically it is a high fiber diet.  If 3/4 of what you eat is high fiber, you will automatically be eating a low glycemic diet.


High fiber foods will

  1. Flatten your belly as the fiber cleans out your digestive track.
  2. Promote clearer head and emotions as blood sugar stabilizes (low glycemic load).
  3. Help you will feel fuller and not deprived because fiber fills you up.
  4. Eat less fat and calories because high fiber foods are low fat and calories.
  5. Remove toxins from your system because the fiber cleans your gut.
  6. Slows down aging because insulin will remain stable.  Aging is directly related to rising insulin levels in the blood.

“A low-glycemic diet includes moderate amounts of fiber-rich beans, lentils, non-starchy vegetables, fruit and whole grains, as well as lean proteins (fish, skinless poultry, whole soy) and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, vegetables oils).” Taken from

Here is another article which greatly explains why high fiber is a low glycemic diet.  Go HERE.

Dr. Axe goes into detail about what this way of eating is, why it is the healthiest way to eat, how to eat this way and why you want to do so.  Dr. Axe approach HERE.


This is such an easy weight loss system to follow.  All you have to do is think about the volume of high fiber foods you are ingesting.

If you peer at a buffet at a party and see green salad, cooked greens, raw fruits and other high fiber foods, you load up on them while minimizing the highly concentrated calories like fried, fatty, white and sweet.

3/4 of your plate should be high fiber.

1/4 of your plate can be lean protein including complex carbohydrates like a whole grain, beans, or even sweet potato.

Minimize the bad stuff made from bad added fats, oils and simple carbohydrates like fatty dressings, rich sauces, white pasta, potatoes, desserts and sweets.  Have a bite of this perhaps?

Then on a regular day you can choose a bit more carefully.


Actually the Standard American Diet (SAD) is low fiber, high fat.  So it is very common when eating out that your choices are a disaster for a healthy frame.

What I do when I see this in front of me and I am starving, is try to pick a high protein choice, eat a bit of it and then later when I have more control over my choices eat more fiber than usual.

I would load up on a salad or vegetables to make up for missing them before.

Keep looking at food as 3/4 fiber and 1/4 lean protein and you will be able to balance everything out over time.

Maximize fiber.

Minimize added fat.

If you eat this way your body, blood work and mind will thank you with vitality, vim and vigor.

Choose to lose the pounds to awaken your JOY!


Spirit Medium Laura
Certified Health Coach, Medical Medium and Healer

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