WHAT IS REMOTE VIEWING? Remote Viewing costs ten times the amount of a psychic reading, but is claimed to be much better.

WHAT IS REMOTE VIEWING?  Isn’t remote viewing the same as a psychic reading?  Why do some charge ten times that of a simple psychic reading?  Is it the same?

SHOULD I GO ROUGE? Any psychics out there feel like I do? (This post is in part satirical for a fun Wednesday.)

what is remote viewing
what is remote viewing

I was just reading a website advertising the services of a professional Remote Viewing service called Technical Intuition.



1. charge $1000 an hour, now running a special of 50% off (hmmm)
2. claim to have upscale corporate clients. There is an article on their site name dropping a major corp that uses intuitive services (but not theirs). Clever way to associate what they do with a major corporation.
3. illustrate how their readings provide corporations value in product development, partner advisement, new venture analysis. [However, highly skilled psychics with business backgrounds can do this. I have and do.] Clever marketing.
4. claim their accuracy and skill level far exceeds the run of the mill Natural Intuitive [like what is commonly called a psychic].

“Becoming proficient with Technical Intuition takes a significant commitment to inner-work and personal confrontation.” Taken from their website.

This self generated branding obviously positions them in a league of their own, much better than any run of the mill natural intuitive.



Wow. I am now wondering if I should re-brand myself to Remote Viewer and charge $1000 an hour rather than be just a simple, run of the mill psychic medium? lol :)

Perhaps if I did this when I tell people what I do for a living they won’t ask me if I am Psycho, won’t ask for a quick reading at a cocktail party or won’t ask for a free reading ever.

I have spent years perfecting what I do with meditation, self development layered upon keen business, life experience and inherent ability.

I have years of public mediumship readings in video form and client testimonials to prove this.

Hmmmmn. Something to ponder for a Wednesday.

Have a wonderful day!

UPDATE CLARIFICATION.  After I posted this on Facebook got some replies which inspired this clarification.

When I read the website of Technical Intuition I did not doubt they use remote viewing techniques to get their answers, which of course is different from a Natural Intuitive, as you point out.

What I wanted to point out in this post is that highly skilled Natural Intuitives get similar results and train for years to increase objectivity just as Technical Intuition claims it does.

Example: Natural Intuitive Laura Day specializes as a business psychic. She is sought out by many corporations for her value and known as author of famous book, “Practical Intuition.”

Same results. Different price tags and level of respect. Their website illustrates how branding can influence perceived value.

Their website also illustrates that perhaps they are not better than a Natural Intuitive as they had to go to a 50% off sale. :)

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