ESSENTIAL OILS for GRIEF – The Loss of My Cat

ESSENTIAL OILS for GRIEF – The Loss of My Cat.

It might seem a bit strange to some, but the loss of a pet can be just, if not more painful, than the loss of a human loved one.

I think it is because our pets are so helpless and dependent on us for their survival, that if we make a mistake and they are hurt, the pain of loss if far more complicated.

Essential Oils for Grief
How I used Essential Oils for Grief with the loss of my beautiful cat Sabrina.

At times we do not even make a mistake, but second guess the circumstances, blaming our self perhaps for part of the passing.

This is what happened to me and Sabrina, my now deceased Calico cat.  I just adored her.

Friday evening when I got home from socializing, I noticed my cat was going into a coughing fit.  Since she had done this in the past without consequence, I sat and watched her.

As she began to turn blue, I wondered (dumb!) what is going on.  Then a few more things happened which were quite unusual, causing me to call for a veterinarian at 12am midnight.

As I struggled to get her there, I kept wondering, maybe this will pass.  Maybe I don’t have to do through all of this.

Sabrina wailed in the carrying case.  Her screams were staggering.

I assumed these wales of wow were because she was in a carrying case being transported to who knows where.  My Sabrina did not like leaving familiar turf.

After the examination, the Vet came into my waiting room with the news.  In very clipped professional lingo the Vet embedded the word “euthanize.”  I heard very little else.

I was wondering still “couldn’t the cat recuperate?”  Maybe she was just upset from the trip to the vet.  “No,” the vet reiterated a recommendation to put the cat down.

She said the cat had had a cardiac event.  An embolism had gone to her heart.


At first I was in denial, but after about 30 to 40 minutes or so I made the decision.  My poor, helpless, adorable Sabrina had become a story of the past, and no longer a love in the present.

As I write this I begin to cry.  So sad to lose a silent and furry loved one.

Essential Oils for Grief. Stress Away Essential Oil
Essential Oils for Grief. Stress Away Essential Oil

That evening I tried to go to sleep.  I had been using a ‘knock off” essential oil for sleep.  It worked most evenings, but tonight trauma was in the air.

Finally I went to my Young Living supply of oils and found, “Stress Away,” “Lavender,” and “Frankincense.”

I place a few drops of each into the palms of my hands, as I had been learning from the Aroma Freedom Certification course I was taking.

I assiduously rubbed them into my palms and breathed them in more than once.  Immediately I felt the calming effect.

The edge of the trauma was beginning to be lifted.  I fell asleep finally after about an hour of fighting the inevitable.

We are as physical beings finite, mortal, our pets no different.

Essential Oil for Grief. Trauma Life Essential Oil
Trauma Life

The next night I had to do the same with the oils but as the Aroma Freedom technique teaches us we can reprogram our response to trauma by associating the relaxing scent of a high quality therapeutic grade oil into the memory.

The technique of using essential oil for grief is working for me.

I loved my little Sabrina tremendously.

I appreciate Essential Oils for Grief tremendously.  There are many to use including one designed exactly for grief called, Trauma Life for Difficult Emotional Exploration.

Each oil is linked above where mentioned.  If you are interested in purchasing just follow the links and/or call me at 954 465 7338.


Spirit Medium Laura


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