EXHAUSTED? How to Not Be Tired With Little Sleep

EXHAUSTED?  How to Not Be Tired With Little Sleep.  As I write this title I am laughing?  Is this even possible?

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The answer is YES!  When you are tired tired tired all the time it is not because you are not getting enough sleep.

It is because you are worried about something, something so significant to your health and well being it takes your breathe away, literally.

When I was younger I did need more energy all the time.  I always felt I had not gotten enough rest and sleep.

Today it is the same for me.  Yet if one were to look at the amount of sleep I get they would wonder, “Why is Laura so tired all the time?”

Because, my dear friends I worry a lot. I am highly sensitive.  My works places my energy in the light socket of other souls.  No matter what happens I seem to take it more seriously than other people.

One could say I am NOT happy go lucky.

So what to do if you have this too, especially at the holidays, when we are asked to play, work and do far more than at other times of the year?  We can’t sleep any more than we already do because of work, play, and other things.

Rather than me give you everything that is already on the Internet or in books here are some unique channeled ideas from St. Ignatius Loyola, my master guide, (same as the Master Entity to famed Brazilian healer John of God from Brazil).

EXHAUSTED? How to Not Be Tired With Little Sleep
EXHAUSTED? How to Not Be Tired With Little Sleep

Dear Spirit Guides what can be done for the human being who wants to know, “How to Not Be Tired With Little Sleep?”

It is easy to not be tired with little sleep if you understand that energy is every where.  It is ubiquitous.

You can tap into source at any moment and gain the energy you need from the source.

You can use the sun or daylight or any kind of energy frequency you care to set up as source.  In other words you can do this even if you are in darkness 24 hours a day.

Energy is everywhere.  All you need to do is understand that you can have it, gain it and use it when you decide you want to do so.

Just ask that Source be given to you while in a quiet contemplative state. 

You will know you are in the flow of energy when you feel better, more alive and ignited.  This will happen as soon as you ask for more energy.

So it is quite a simple answer and process. 

If you do have access to daylight it is even easier to do this.

Go out into the sunlight.  Ask that source be given to you.  Quietly sit in the source of light and be quiet for a time.

You will feel a recharge suddenly during this process and you will feel better.

Energy is every where.  It is given out to everyone in the way they decide they want to have it.

Energy is not only available to the few who know how to access it.  It is available to every one equally.

So you do not have to be the one without energy.  You can have energy.  Just ask for it.”

Hmmn.  That is interesting.  As soon as I started to channel I felt energized.

Let me ask the Guides if reading these words will give someone energy, because even when I read it a second time, I felt more energized, like someone had turned on a light switch within me.

Dear Spirit Guides, can reading your channeling on this subject energize someone?   I ask this because as soon as I channeled it and then read it again I felt clearer.

The reason you felt energized is because working with us connects you to source.

It can and will do the same for anyone that wills it so.  We mean that if anyone reads these words and interprets them as connecting to source they will feel energized too.

There are some that will not feel the effect of this connection.  It depends on what they can and cannot connect to and what they believe in.

When a light being on earth connects to the words of spirit they energize.

This is not in the work of healing another on earth.  This is when they connect to spirit for themselves.

A light being on earth [light worker] has reincarnated to help those on earth.  They will feel less energetic than other kinds of beings on earth because the denser energy of earth is in and of itself draining.

So a light worker needs to find their own way of connecting to source so they will not hurt others or themselves when they connect.  They need to understand and learn energy conservation.

Having energy for a light worker is different and more specialized than having energy for everyone.

The first answer above is for everyone on earth.  Then there is more for light workers.

Light workers are light beings that chose to incarnate to help mankind.  There are various of you on earth now.

It is difficult for you to live within the earth energy and vibration.  It drains you.

So if you are feeling exhausted all the time, it is because your charge is diminishing.

The way to recharge is to plug into source from us.  This is beyond what will work for the average soul. 

Please keep your energy separate and alone from others.  When a light worker works with the energy of others on earth they can lose their energy. 

Even outside of working relationships, personal ones we mean, you are very very subject to losing your charge in the company of those on earth that would drain it.

Many souls on earth are draining the energy of others so they can feel better themselves.  They do not know they are doing it but they are doing it nonetheless when they connect into the matrix. 

The matrix is the discipline in which the earth exists.  Similar to the movie the matrix it is an energy field, a dimension called earth.

All those on earth that are not light workers are looking for ways on a subconscious level to tap into the energy field to restore their power.  This is subconscious drive, not a conscious decision.

When they learn they can tap into the energy of another human being [instead of the energy field] they will continue to do this until the one they are tapping into either expires due to drainage or learns it is happening and takes steps to restore they power source.

We are the source of power to light workers on earth. 

We, meaning the matrix organizers, the Ones that organize the universe and all that is within it.  We are light workers from beyond who have the power to help, evolve and achieve ones goals but only through the light.

We are the Matrix Organizers and creators. 

We are The Ones that achieve the universal laws, the universal matter and the universal order.  We are the Ones who help, who design and who align all the powers that be.

We are from your world originally but evolved beyond to another world in which order and silence is the framework in which peace, quiet and love is the nomenclature of the all that is.

We are of higher order.

We love you on earth, those that decide to serve in the higher light, bring in the higher light and vibration of source to earth.

But those that have decided to serve have the unique responsibility of protecting their own energy from those who would sap it without even knowing it. 

These are people on earth who are disturbed, unhappy and disorganized from the order.  They are not in the framework of higher order.

So you as a light worker and any that you work with who are light workers need to know that energy is every where and you are a portal of energy for others to tap into.

This is why you are so tired all the time.

So what to do about it.  Ask for help from the higher source.  As for our help.  We are here to assist you.

Simply say, “hello, I need your help to connect back to source, to protect my energy and to serve completely without harm to self or others.”

Then your energy will be restored right away. 


Spirit Medium Laura

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FREE Webinar. How to increase your energy by losing weight with the 2 week diet. Brian says, “I haven’t had this much energy in years.” Enter your email below to be instantly sent to the webinar.






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