MANIFESTING MIRACLES USING LAW OF ATTRACTION using The JOY Secret. What you really want, not what you think is practical or possible activates miracles.

MANIFESTING MIRACLES USING LAW OF ATTRACTION:  The JOY Secret.  Yep.  Here I go again.  It is all about The JOY Secret!

What does this mean?  How could something as simple as JOY be the secret to manifesting miracles using law of attraction?

I am screaming at YOU!  Getting in touch with what you really want, not what others say you should want, then asking for it, is probably the most important secret to manifesting miracles using the law of attraction.

The reason is what we really want IS miraculous.  What our limiting beliefs say is possible, practical or puny, is NOT miraculous.

When the Law of Attraction is not working you are asking for something less than you really want or perhaps not even what you really want.  You are operating on the ego level of fear, lack and survival.

When you evolve, you begin to act on the level of your soul.  You begin to realize that having what you really want is not only possible, but probable.

Evolution means you realize that the material world is a reflection of beliefs.  It changes as our beliefs change.  It is not set in stone.  Miracles do happen regularly.


The magnificent book by Anita Moorjani, “Dying to Be Me” illustrates this concept.  Anita was dying in a hospital with tumors throughout her body the size of grape fruits.

During her death experience she met her guides.  They told her that she had a choice to make.

If she chose to live, her cancer would heal no matter what modern medicine said, what treatment she was or was not given.  She would miraculously heal.

If she chose to die she would be happy, safe and protected in spirit.

She chose to live.  Her healing was documented and written about in modern medical journals.

Her story illustrates that REALITY IS NOT FIXED.  Intention, desire and decision leads form.

So back to you and JOY.

The JOY Secret Steps.

  1. The first step to employ The JOY Secret is to access your deepest feelings, what you really want, NOT what you think you can have.  This activates the Spiritual Law of Intention and Desire, which carries with it the miracle power of spirit.  It is your soul speaking to you.
  • This can be done through JOURNALING.

2. The next step is to create an AFFIRMATION for this desire.  Say it often.

3.  The third step is to create a simple MANTRA which summarizes the affirmation.  Say it through out the day during mindful activities and when you think of it.

4.  The fourth step is to pray and ask exactly for what you want from the bottom of your heart when you feel a strong yearning and desire for what you want.

What happens next is miraculous.  You may find spirit places lessons in front of you.  You may lose things, old, limiting beliefs, friendships, material comforts and the like.

At times before we can have what we want, we have to evolve, change, become less fearful, more mature.

So asking for what you want ensures you will evolve.

But then, like clockwork, what you want will appear on the horizon.  Miracles will happen.

Believe and receive.


Spirit Medium Laura

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