Daily Positive Morning Affirmations for Personal Transformation

Daily Positive Morning Affirmations for Personal Transformation

Lately I have decided to use affirmations in a new way.  I have been going through a life passage, the major theme of it is to live in JOY as I evolve out of burnout.

I have a funny feeling (intuitive?) that the more I focus on what feels good to me each day in the moment, create a Daily Positive Morning Affirmation for Personal Transformation around this, the more JOY and success i will experience as a theme for my life.

So each day I take time to journal and ask myself the question, “What do I really want today?”

Then I create a positive morning affirmation for that personal transformation goal and repeat it when I am doing something routine like walking, cleaning or daydreaming.  :)

You might want to try this little exercise and see your results.  I expect and it is my intention to live a better, more relaxed life, more in alignment with what I consider joyful, rather than destressed, stressed and struggling.

What’s your affirmation for today? Mine is, “I AM IN TOUCH WITH WHAT I TRULY WANT and I CREATE IT NOW!”

(I’m trying this experiment to find then focus on what I want each day as I traverse my personal journey to joy!)

Hop on board you all! :)

If you are having difficulty living the life of your dreams and feel you have deep soul contracts holding you back, you might want to try a personal session with my guides for healing to happiness.I call this Chakaroma.  Details about Chakaroma are HERE.


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