Every time I write this title down or say it to a friend, I have to laugh.  Yes, I am doing this.

Spirit spoke to me last Friday and said this would be a great thing to do.

PREMISE:  The idea behind The JOY Experiment is to ask yourself every day what it is you really, really want, then create an affirmation and a mantra for meditation that reflects this.

During the day, use the mantra when you are doing mindful activities like knitting, washing or walking.

How to Attract Abundance From The Universe
How to Attract Abundance From The Universe

The theory is, as you focus on your ideal life, on what is joyful for you, you will begin to make choices that “feel” good, rather than be politically correct and do what others have told you is the smart, wise or practical thing to do.

So far I am really having a ball with this.  I have attracted some new relationships as I let go of those that did not “feel” good any longer.

I have begun to have some success with my investments.  A new approach suddenly jumped into my head as I honored what I thought I really want with money.

And so it goes with life.

The more you listen to your higher self, your soul, masked as your feelings, your intuition, the more you will attract joy and the life you really want.

There is magic behind what you really want.  There is mundane behind what you think you should want.


Today ask yourself what you really really want.

Create an affirmation for this.

Create a mantra for this.  Use the mantra while you do mindful activities through out the day.

Watch what happens.

You will probably experience more synchronicity as you begin to pay attention more to what you want.  This is the way spirit works.

Getting in touch with what you really want raises your vibration.  When your vibration is higher spirit can deliver results to you easier and faster.

UPDATE:  As I continued this process into Day 9, I had first a major fall back.  I was miserable, but then a breakthrough happened.

I realized what I thought I wanted was not really what I wanted.  My ego had again played a trick on me, providing a fearful block to what my soul wanted.

This JOY Experiment will bring out the areas in which you need healing.  As the embedded blocks are revealed, they can be cleared so that spirit can work in harmony with your soul to bring miraculous results.

Until you ASK, you cannot receive.  But if you ask to feed your fearful giant, your ego, you will only receive lessons, not joy.

My soul wanted LOVE.  My ego wanted MONEY to protect me from the fear of not being lovable.

This experiment, if you do it, will help you touch your inner self, your vulnerable part, the aspect of you that is real and desires something spiritual.

If you are wanting a physical thing, something tangible, it is probably a mask or a cover for something deeper, which is usually LOVE.

Pay attention to how you feel as you transform through this exciting experiment.  You might be surprised at what comes up for you.  I was.

Now as I have identified a deeper goal, one I hid it from myself because I thought it was impossible, I expect that spirit will work with me better in support of this.

That means miracles should now be activated.  The only way they will not be activated is if I have another layer of soul discovery below this one.  We will see.


Spirit Medium Laura



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