MEDIUMSHIP: A Skeptic Goes Rogue

MEDIUMSHIP:  A Skeptic Goes Rogue.

I am a skeptic.  Aren’t we all?  I mean if you have an ounce of critical reasoning you are NOT going to believe that we continue after our physical body dies.  It is sort of counter intuitive.

But I have gone rogue.  (Big Smile.)  After doing countless sessions where the sitter writes back to me and tells me how remarkable the connection was, for whatever reason, I finally now have to say I KNOW life continues.

One example of this is a former boyfriend of mine asked I bring in his mother before she left earth.  She was in a coma near her time to transition.

I refused because of various reasons, but then a day or two later, as I was doing a meditation, I softened my position about doing him this favor.  As soon as I changed my mind, a rush of energy overcame my body.

His mother was with me.  She said she had transitioned, she was fine and was now with my boyfriend’s sister in spirit world.  I immediately texted him this message.

He was flabbergasted.  I didn’t know why.  He explained.  “My mother just died a moment ago.  And I did have a sister in spirit who I never told you about.”

When this happened I did not really frame it as incredible.  It took me years to gain perspective about the significance of this communication.

Below you will find a testimonial from a recent client, who was blown away, as I was too, at the events that happened during her sessions.

MORE EVIDENCE THAT JUST HAPPENED as I was writing this article, I went to get a picture to add to it.  When I arrived at a website that supplies such pictures, I was swooshed into a selection of violet blue flowers to use.

I DID NOT DO THIS.  This happened BEFORE I had a chance to place any search criteria for the type of pictures I sought.   The soul this testimonial was written about was saying hello to me!  Gosh the plot thickens!

Here is her testimonial.

CB, Mediumship, “Laura:  I wanted to write some feedback on our interactions and provide others the confidence that they have found the right person in you.  Please publish this if you wish.

First of all I want to sincerely thank you for helping me to come to an incredibly peaceful place in my mind and spirit.  I’ve had two sessions with you and the connection between you and my beloved was so clear that  you were able to validate the most critical aspects of what I needed to be told.  

You brought out information that settles my spirit and let’s me know that you were in fact connecting by referencing things known only by me and my beloved. It also calmed my concerns that my interactions with him are real and NOT my imagination. You uncovered the evidence that my efforts, love, and intentions are moving in the right direction.

Unbeknownst to you, I had left an anonymous note saying “I’ll love you till the bluebells forget to bloom, until the twelfth of never, I’ll be loving you,” along with a picture of bluebells on my beloveds grave site and you let me know that he handed you a bunch of bluebells for me.  Mind blown.  

You also validated the intense feelings that he and I experienced together for a very long time – even though we are separated by his departure from our world.  I have new hope and excitement for the future.

I cannot thank you enough and wanted to let folks know that if they are looking for someone with mature clarity and remarkable clairvoyance, they have found it in you.  

You are a treasured advisor.

Much love and blessings to you always,

CB, South Florida”

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